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Acrobatics is a type of roll performed in combat scenarios. Classes provide PCs with an Acrobatics entry, while Adversaries typically have one of their own as well.

An Acrobatics roll is opposed by either another Acrobatics roll or a difficulty roll performed by the DM and defined by the scenario. Ties are in favor of the Acrobatics roll.

Typically, entities use Acrobatics to Move across difficult terrain, climb, or otherwise traverse tricky or hazardous elements on the battle map. Failure may result in damage, prevented or automatic movement, or other consequences depending on the scenario.

Acrobatics is also used to end the Grabbed condition in combat.

An entity with the Acrobatic property automatically succeeds on any Acrobatics roll. If two Acrobatic entities oppose each other (such as with Grabbed), resolve all such oppositions as if the roll were a tie.

An entity that lacks an Acrobatics entry and the Acrobatic property always fails any Acrobatics roll. If two such entities oppose each other, resolve all such oppositions as if the roll were a tie.

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