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Analects Book 4 Part 1: Adversaries

Chapter 2: Level 2

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The following tables provide a collection of Adversaries at level 2. For more information on their use in the game, see DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios.

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Level 2 Adversaries Table

Adversary Rank Type HP Init
Rookie Sharpshooter Mook Artillery 8 1d6
Snow Hound Mook Blaster 8 1d8
Bolt Rat Mook Brawler 8 1d12
Rookie Guard Mook Brawler 8 1d4
Wood Fiend Mook Defender 10 1d6
Mindfang Spider Mook Support 9 1d6
Mournful Ghost Mook Support 1 1d6
Archer Cadet Regular Artillery 19 1d8
Flamebelch Jeopard Regular Artillery 17 1d8
Silk Spider Regular Blaster 15 1d20
Crawling Corpse Regular Brawler 22 1d4
Triffid Regular Brawler 16 1d4
Foot Soldier Regular Defender 16 1d6
Mistling Regular Support 16 1d10
Thorn Shriek Mini-boss Artillery 30 1d8
Hobby Lantern Mini-boss Blaster 30 1d10
Red Ooze Mini-boss Brawler 31 1d8
Skeletal Guardian Mini-boss Defender 32 1d6
Petty Officer Mini-boss Support 33 1d10
Nibelung Assassin Boss Artillery 56 1d12
Unseelie Fallen Boss Blaster 58 1d12
Burning Bones Boss Brawler 60 1d8
Coral Lance Boss Defender 64 1d10
Guard Captain Boss Support 46 1d8

Level 2 Adversary Entries

Archer Cadet

Archer Cadet Level 2 Adversary Regular Artillery HP: 16
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d10
This otherwise common human has some skill and training with the bow. They are found as low-ranking troops in armies or as bandits stalking the highways.
Notes The Archer Cadet equips a Recurve Bow, a Padded Jack, and Leather Bracers.
(Action) Punishing Bodkin Arrow [Gear]
Range 3
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d10
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d4

Bolt Rat

Bolt Rat Level 2 Adversary Mook Brawler HP: 8
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatics: 1d10 Luminous, Height 1
This diminuitive rodent is easily frightened, becoming aggressive when scared. It emits a sphere of lightning from itself, thus its name. Bolt Rats will sometimes battle each other with their electric emissions, as they possess no particular resistance to their own offense.
(Action) Electric Sphere
This Action does not target the Bolt Rat.
Area Attack
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d8 Lightning
Special The target suffers -1 Power and -1 Resilience.
(Reaction) Lucky Dodge
The Bolt Rat wins ties with this Reaction.
Miss 1d6
Damage 1d4 Lightning

Burning Bones

Deckless Variant: The Flaming Hands Action may be played as an Area Attack (against any reachable section) that does not target the Burning Bones. The Fire Wreath Reaction reduces enemy Piercing values by 1.

Burning Bones Level 2 Adversary Boss Brawler HP: 60
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d4 Luminous Poison Resistance 5, Fire Resistance 1, Unholy Resistance 1, Holy Weakness 1, Ice Weakness 1
The image of the flaming skeleton is the one above all others that draws in certain disaffected folk to learn necromancy. Difficulty of its creation is relatively low, but it is particularly difficult to control, which tends to self-correct elements of the necromancer population. The sickly, unnatural flames are only capable of burning flesh.
(Action) Flaming Hands
Reach 1
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d4 + 1d6 Fire
(Reaction) Fire Wreath
This Reaction loses its Damage entry against ranged or reach attacks.
Defense 1d4
Damage 1d4 Fire
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6
(Strategy) Hellfire
Enemies in the occupied section that lack Unholy Resistance gain +1 Fire Weakness until the start of the Burning Bones's next turn. If the Burning Bones has 30HP or fewer remaining, this effect increases to +2 and also applies to enemies in adjacent sections.

Coral Lance

Deckless Variant: As a Strategy, the Coral Lance can affect an enemy it can see with Coral Pods until the end of the enemy's next turn. When an enemy affected by Coral Pods voluntarily Moves on their turn, they gain +1 Lightning Weakness until the end of their next turn.

Coral Lance Level 2 Adversary Boss Defender HP: 64
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d4 Aquatic, Luminous Lightning Resistance 2
This colorful, elongated sea creature (and its freshwater variant cousins) hunt schools of fish with their electric spines. They are fiercely territorial and thus can be manipulated into serving a guard function.
(Action) Thunder Lash
Reach 2
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d4 (Piercing 1)
Special At the end of the target's next turn, each of the target's allies in their occupied section suffer 1d4 Lightning damage (this is not cumulative).
(Action) Stormvenom Sting
Reach 1
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d4 (Piercing 1)
Special If the target shares their occupied section with no allies at the end of their next turn, the target suffers an additional 1d4 Lightning damage (this is not cumulative).
(Reaction) Spines
Reduce any Piercing on the target's Action by 1. This Reaction loses its Damage entry against ranged and reach attacks.
Defense 1d4
Damage 1d4

Crawling Corpse

Crawling Corpse Level 2 Adversary Regular Brawler HP: 22
Initiative: 1d4 Acrobatics: 1d2 Darkvision, Immobile Poison Resistance 3, Acid Resistance 2, Unholy Resistance 1, Fire Weakness 1, Holy Weakness 1
Typically the result of failed attempts to raise zombies, these abominations reveal the lack of skill or experience on the necromancer's part. They are only occasionally created purposefully.
(Action) Spit Bile
Reach 1
Hit 1d6
Damage 2d6 Acid
Special The target suffers -1 Power.
(Reaction) Undead Flesh
Miss 1d2
Defense 1d2
(Strategy) Crawl
Move 1, automatically succeeding on any required Acrobatics check. The Crawling Corpse can't play this Strategy on its next turn.
(Interrupt) Explode
Trigger An enemy deals enough damage to the Crawling Corpse to defeat it.
Effect Play Spit Bile against all entities in the occupied section (other than the Crawling Corpse), ignoring any penalties to Power.

Flamebelch Jeopard

Flamebelch Jeopard Level 2 Adversary Regular Artillery HP: 17
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d10
While no variety of jeopard is possessed of great cunning, this species is particularly dim. More often than not, “attacks” from such beasts happen when the creature is simply startled or confused, with the fiery sphere emitted from its mouth being something of an unfortunate accident.
(Action) Fire Burp
Range 2
Hit 1d6
Damage 1d10 Fire
Special The target suffers -2 Resilience.
(Reaction) Ashen Hide
This Reaction loses its Damage entry against ranged or reach attacks.
Miss 1d6
Damage 1d4 Fire
(Strategy) Great Leap
Fly 1.

Foot Soldier

Foot Soldier Level 2 Adversary Regular Defender HP: 16
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4
This common soldier is relatively well trained and equipped, making them a step above drafted peasant troopers. Brigand variants often opt for swords and axes rather than spears.
Notes The Foot Soldier equips a Winged Spear, a Targe, and Brigandine.
(Action) Winged Spear [Gear]
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d10
Special The target must play their next Action against the Foot Soldier (if it is not yet defeated).
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d4
(Strategy) Infantry Guard [Gear]
Until the start of the Foot Soldier's next turn, the Miss dice level for Dodge is increased 2 levels against melee attacks.

Guard Captain

Deckless Variant: At the end of each round, a new level 2 mook is added to the scenario (recommended: Rookie Sharpshooter or Rookie Guard). Instead of a Riding Horse, the Guard Captain rides a Light War Horse.

Guard Captain Level 2 Adversary Boss Support HP: 46
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d6
The Guard Captain is responsible for organizing and mobilizing the local defenses against activity both criminal and military - or, in the case of criminal organizations, defenses against law enforcement and adventurers.
Notes The Guard Captain equips a Bearded Axe, a Kite Shield, and Brigandine.
(Mount) Riding Horse
The Guard Captain's Move speed is 2 when not swimming. The Guard Captain cannot climb.
(Action) Decapitate [Gear]
If the Guard Captain rolls the maximum result on the Hit dice, the Damage dice are automatically maximized.
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d8 (Piercing 2)
(Action) Captain's Orders [Non-hostile]
One ally the Guard Captain can see restores any one Stat Track, gains +1 Power, and may play an Action. If the Guard Captain has 23HP or fewer remaining, it restores its Power and may draw a card.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d4
(Strategy) Cavalry Guard [Gear]
Until the start of the Guard Captain's next turn, the Miss dice level for Dodge is increased 2 levels while it is mounted.

Hobby Lantern

Hobby Lantern Level 2 Adversary Mini-boss Blaster HP: 30
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatic Darkvision, Light Sensitivity, Luminous, Immobile Poison Resistance 5, Holy Resistance 1, Unholy Weakness 1
This ethereal creature, both fae and undead, is typically brought into existence by accident, when bits of unattached spiritual energy coalesce. It lures travelers to their doom, using its magics to feed on bits of their soul.
(Action) Ghost Candle
Allies in the section gain +2 Power. The Hobby Lantern may force one target in the section to Move 1 (after damage is dealt). These effects are applied only once, not once for each target.
Area Attack
Incant 1
Range 3
Damage 1d10 (Piercing 3) Holy
(Reaction) Fade
Miss 1d6
Special The Hobby Lantern gains +1 Resilience.
(Strategy) Spooky Light
Gain an Incantation charge. The Hobby Lantern cannot play an Action from its hand this turn.
(Strategy) Hover
Fly 1.

Mindfang Spider

Mindfang Spider Level 2 Adversary Mook Support HP: 9
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d8 Darkvision, Height 1
This rat-sized arachnid feeds on psychic energies as opposed to flesh and blood. It leaves no marks with its strange ethereal fangs, but its bite is nonetheless dangerous.
(Action) Devour Thoughts
Hit 2d4
Damage 1d6 (Piercing 3) Unholy
Special The suffers -2 Mind. The Mindfang Spider gains +1 Mind.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6


Mistling Level 2 Adversary Regular Support HP: 16
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatic Darkvision Holy Resistance 1, Unholy Weakness 1
This Seelie fae is often harmless, but it responds to violence in kind, as if seeking to rid its environment of all forms of aggression. It acts largely on instinct, failing to recognize any sort of bigger picture view.
(Action) Misty Embrace
Reach 1
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d4 (Piercing 4) Holy
Special The target suffers -1 Power and -1 Mind.
(Reaction) Vanish
Miss 1d6
(Strategy) Bolstering Mist
The Mistling or an ally within range 3 recovers 1d4 lost HP and gains +1 to Power, Resilience, or Mind.

Mournful Ghost

Mournful Ghost Level 2 Adversary Mook Support HP: 1
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatic Darkvision
This grieving spirit knows nothing but pain from the circumstances of their death and their inability to move on. Their mere touch can cause living creatures to instantly fall into a nightmare-ridden slumber.
(Action) Ghost Walk [Non-hostile]
Phase 1.
(Action) Ghost Touch
The target loses any bonuses from unenchanted Shields until this Action is resolved.
Hit 1d6
Damage 1d4 (Piercing 5) Unholy
Defense 1d4
Special The target suffers -4 Power and -4 Resilience.
(Reaction) Fade
Miss 1d8

Nibelung Assassin

Deckless Variant: Bone Knife gains Piercing 1. Once per round, the Nibelung Assassin can increase the Miss dice level on Scurry by 1. The Nibelung Assassin possesses a Dark Mote.

Nibelung Assassin Level 2 Adversary Boss Artillery HP: 56
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatics: 1d12 Darkvision, Height 1
Rare among the normally crude Nibelung, this particular nybling boasts higher dexterity and battle skills. They become the most trusted agents of the Unseelie Fallen that created them.
Notes The Nibelung Assassin has 12 Bone Knives.
(Action) Bone Knife [Gear]
Thrown 2
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d4 + 1d4 Poison
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Reaction) Scurry
If the Nibelung Assassin suffers damage, it may Move 1.
Miss 1d6
Special The Nibelung Assassin gains +1 Skill.
(Strategy) Knife Flurry
If the Nibelung Assassin has a Bone Knife equipped in each hand, it may play an Action from both of them this turn. If the Nibelung Assassin has 28HP or fewer remaining, it may also equip one Bone Knife.

Petty Officer

Petty Officer Level 2 Adversary Mini-boss Support HP: 33
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d6
This mid-ranking military official typically commands a small squad of soldiers, guards, or fellow bandits.
Notes The Petty Officer equips a Winged Spear and a Hauberk.
(Mount) Riding Horse
The Petty Officer's Move speed is 2 when not swimming. The Petty Officer cannot climb.
(Action) Skewer [Gear]
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d10 (Piercing 2)
Defense 1d2
(Action) Command Ally [Non-hostile]
An ally within range 2 gains +1 Skill and may play an Action.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d2
(Assist) Organized Battle
Trigger An ally within range 1 plays an Action or Reaction with dice level penalties applied.
Effect No dice level penalties are applied to the triggering play.

Red Ooze

Red Ooze Level 2 Adversary Mini-boss Brawler HP: 31
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d4 Aquatic, Darkvision Acid Resistance 1, Lightning Weakness 1
This deceptively-quick amorphous blob of a creature slides about rapidly thanks to liquid secretions and dozens of small pseudopods, letting it almost swim across the ground. Several of its pseudopods have great length, which it uses for hunting and defense.
(Action) Caustic Pseudopods
This Action may be played against two targets.
Reach 1
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d8 (Piercing 3) Acid
(Reaction) Swiftness
Miss 1d8
(Strategy) Rapid Slide
Move 1 (Height 1).

Rookie Guard

Rookie Guard Level 2 Adversary Mook Brawler HP: 8
Initiative: 1d4 Acrobatics: 1d6
This is the common guard posted at gates and doorways, low in both ranking and training.
Notes The Rookie Guard equips a Glaive and Lamellar Armor.
(Action) Strike [Gear]
Reach 1
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d8
Special If the target is in the occupied section, the Rookie Guard may force the target to Move 1.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d4
Defense 1d2

Rookie Sharpshooter

Rookie Sharpshooter Level 2 Adversary Mook Artillery HP: 8
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d8
This crossbow-armed guard is commonly posted on castle parapets and similar vantage points.
Notes The Rookie Sharpshooter equips a Lever Crossbow and Leather Armor.
(Action) Standard Bolt [Gear]
Range 3
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d6 (Piercing 2)
(Reaction) Dodge
This Reaction loses its Defense entry against melee attacks.
Miss 1d4
Defense 1d4

Silk Spider

Silk Spider Level 2 Adversary Regular Blaster HP: 15
Initiative: 1d20 Acrobatics: 1d10 Darkvision, Height 1
This venomous dog-sized spider is incredibly efficient at spinning silk, able to fire blasts of it to create impromptu web bombs to capture prey.
(Action) Silk Web
Area Attack
Range 2
Incant 1
Special Enemy targets are Grabbed and suffer -1 Resilience.
(Action) Poison Fangs
Increase the Hit dice 2 levels against Grabbed targets.
Hit 1d6
Damage 1d6 + 1d4 Poison
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d8
(Strategy) Weave
The Silk Spider begins an Incantation.

Skeletal Guardian

Skeletal Guardian Level 2 Adversary Mini-boss Defender HP: 32
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4 Darkvision Poison Resistance 5, Unholy Resistance 1, Holy Weakness 1
These undead sentinels commonly defend tombs and other places where it is impractical to use living soldiers. Some arise from the grave spontaneously through their own desire to protect something.
Notes The Skeletal Guardian equips a Falchion and an Adarga.
(Action) Swordplay [Gear]
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d8
Special The target suffers -2 Resilience.
(Action) Bone Claw
Hit 2d4
Damage 1d8
(Reaction) Fleshless Body
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d4
(Strategy) Burial Gaze
Force one enemy within range 1 to Move into the occupied section; or, one enemy in the occupied section cannot Move until the end of their next turn; or, one ally gains +1 Resilience. The Skeletal Guardian must be able to see the intended target.

Snow Hound (Qiqirin)

Snow Hound Level 2 Adversary Mook Blaster HP: 8
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d12 Low-light Vision Ice Resistance 1, Fire Weakness 1
Residing in the frigid corners of the world, this canine is armed with an icy breath cold enough to affect other heavily-coated beasts that it shares environments with.
(Action) Winter Breath
This Action does not target the Snow Hound.
Area Attack
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d8 (Piercing 2) Ice
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6

Thorn Shriek

Thorn Shriek Level 2 Adversary Mini-boss Artillery HP: 30
Initiative: 1d8 Immobile Fire Weakness 1
The thorn shriek is a territorial tree found in certain fae realms, brought to the mortal plane mostly to act as a guardian. It's next to impossible to control, however, so those who do so typically need alternative, often hidden, routes to avoid it.
(Action) Thorn Barrage
Reach 3
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d10 Poison
(Reaction) Lashing Rebuke
This Reaction can only be played against melee attacks.
Miss 1d6
Damage 1d6 Poison
(Reaction) Wooden Exterior
Defense 1d4
(Interrupt) Shriek
Trigger An enemy at range 3 or greater begins an Incantation.
Effect Roll 1d8; the triggering enemy rolls 1d6. If the Thorn Shriek's result is higher than the enemy's, the Incantation is canceled.


Triffid Level 2 Adversary Regular Brawler HP: 16
Initiative: 1d4 Acrobatics: 1d4 Fire Weakness 1
This mobile, carnivorous plant walks upon three root-like protrusions and sports a highly venomous stinger. It slays prey with the poison, then plants atop them to absorb the nutrients.
(Action) Venomous Lash
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d4 + 1d4 Poison
Special If the target suffers damage, the target also suffers -2 Resilience and -2 Skill.
(Reaction) Spit
Miss 1d6
Damage 1d4 Poison

Unseelie Fallen

Deckless Variant: The Cackling Detonation Action's Damage entry gains + 1d4 Unholy. The Unseelie Fallen possesses a Tarnished Chime.

Unseelie Fallen Level 2 Adversary Boss Blaster HP: 58
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatics: 1d8 Unholy Resistance 1, Holy Weakness 1
Few are the laws that the Unseelie must follow, as foul mischief is of the culture. Only the most depraved would break one of these laws, but upon doing so, they are able to pursue the most twisted arts without fear of immediate consequence. Chief among these is the creation of Nibelung servants.
Notes If the Unseelie Fallen has 29HP or fewer remaining, it can play ranged Actions even if an enemy is in the occupied section, and it never loses Incantations as a result of damage.
(Action) Laughing Skull [Non-hostile]
Range 1
Summon a Laughing Skull mook into the target section. The Laughing Skull acts on Initiative 0 and can Fly 1. It has 6 HP.
(Action) Cackling Detonation
This Action targets all sections containing a Laughing Skull. All Laughing Skulls explode, reducing them to 0 HP.
Area Attack
Incant 1
Damage 2d4 (Piercing 3) Unholy
Special The target suffers -1 Power, Resilience, Mind, and Skill.
(Reaction) Chilling Gaze
Miss 1d6
Damage 1d4 Ice

Wood Fiend

Wood Fiend Level 2 Adversary Mook Defender HP: 10
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4 Fire Weakness 1
This strange creature is a cross between plant and animal. Rather tree-shaped and covered in a bark exterior, it grabs onto prey with its branch-like appendages. Relatively easy to tame, they are often in the employ of outlaws and hedge witches.
(Action) Grasping Branches
Increase all dice levels by 1 against targets Grabbed by the Wood Fiend.
Reach 1
Hit 2d4
Damage 1d8
Special Force the target to Move into the occupied section (if not already present). The target is Grabbed and suffers -1 Skill.
(Reaction) Bark Skin
Miss 1d4
Defense 1d4
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