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Analects Book 4 Part 1: Adversaries

Chapter 3: Level 3

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The following tables provide a collection of Adversaries at level 3. For more information on their use in the game, see DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios.

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Level 3 Adversaries Table

Adversary Rank Type HP Init
Cultist Killer Mook Artillery 9 1d10
Clockwork Sentry Mook Blaster 10 1d8
Resentful Spirit Mook Blaster 1 1d12
Cultist Fanatic Mook Brawler 13 1d8
Zombie Mook Defender 11 1d4
Cultist Votary Mook Support 10 1d6
Dragonfly Regular Artillery 18 1d12
Gluttonmuck Regular Blaster 18 1d6
Fenodyr Strongling Regular Brawler 19 1d6
Fenodyr Grunt Regular Defender 20 1d8
Lode Spider Regular Defender 19 1d6
Possessed Tome Regular Support 17 1d8
Sacrificial Altar Regular Support 23 1d4
Fenodyr Mage Mini-boss Artillery 36 1d6
Mandragora Mini-boss Blaster 35 1d8
Gargoyle Mini-boss Brawler 34 1d12
Cultist Enforcer Mini-boss Defender 43 1d8
Kirin Mini-boss Support 38 1d8

Level 3 Adversary Entries

Clockwork Sentry

Clockwork Sentry Level 3 Adversary Mook Blaster HP: 10
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d4 Sightless Vision Poison Resistance 5, Lightning Weakness 1
These mechanical devices, powered by faint magic, are armed with a strange oil-like spray and a fire emitter. They typically protect areas from unwanted intruders, though most are ancient and now simply protect against everything.
(Action) Viscous Spray
This Action does not target the Clockwork Sentry.
Area Attack
Reach 2
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d8
Special The target suffers -2 Mind and gains +1 Fire Weakness until the end of the scenario.
(Action) Flamethrower
This Action does not target the Clockwork Sentry.
Area Attack
Reach 1
Hit 1d8
Damage 2d4 Fire
(Reaction) Defensive Routines
Miss 1d4
Defense 1d4
Damage 1d4 Poison

Cultist Enforcer

Cultist Enforcer Level 3 Adversary Mini-boss Defender HP: 40
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d6
This tough, burly figure carries a large two-handed club and wears heavy armor. Charged with protection of cult members, this adversary can also readily be reused for other types of bodyguards.
Notes The Cultist Enforcer equips an Oslop and Scale Armor, reducing its base Skill by 1.
(Action) Power Swing [Gear]
Hit 1d8
Damage 1d10
Special The Cultist Enforcer gains +1 Power.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d4
(Strategy) Enforce
Enemies the Cultist Enforcer hits with an Action this turn cannot play Actions against targets other than the Cultist Enforcer until the end of the enemy's next turn. The Cultist Enforcer gains +1 Resilience.

Cultist Fanatic

Cultist Fanatic Level 3 Adversary Mook Brawler HP: 10
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d8
Driven to fanaticism as a result of either their faith or fell ritual, these cultists swing massive spiked hammers about with abandon.
Notes The Cultist Fanatic equips a Maul and a Padded Jack.
(Action) Swing at the Head [Gear]
Hit 1d6
Damage 1d12 (Piercing 2)
Special The target suffers -1 Mind.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6

Cultist Killer

Cultist Killer Level 3 Adversary Mook Artillery HP: 9
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d10
These cult-aligned assassins have minimal training and skill, but the poison darts they prefer are no less lethal for it.
Notes The Cultist Killer equips a Blowpipe and Poison Darts.
(Action) Double Darts [Gear]
Range 2
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d6 Poison
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d6

Cultist Votary

Cultist Votary Level 3 Adversary Mook Support HP: 10
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4
Through devout prayer and song, these cultists, typically initiates, invoke fell powers through their rites.
Notes The Cultist Votary equips a Warding Charm.
(Action) Beseech [Non-hostile]
Incant 2
Special Allies within range 3 recover 2d4 lost HP and restore all Stat Tracks.
(Action) Droning Chant
Range 3
Special The target suffers -2 Power or -2 Resilience (Cultist Votary's choice) until the end of their next turn. The Cultist Votary or an ally it can see gains +1 to any one stat track.
(Reaction) Warded Casting [Gear]
Miss 1d4
Special The Cultist Votary may begin an Incantation.
(Strategy) Faithful Guard [Gear]
The Miss dice level of Warded Casting is increased by 2 until the start of the Cultist Votary's next turn.


Dragonfly Level 3 Adversary Regular Artillery HP: 18
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatics: 1d10 Fire Resistance 1, Ice Weakness 1
About the size of an albatross, this large flying insect gets its name from its fiery breath, though in truth it compares quite poorly to that of an actual dragon.
(Action) Spitfire
Range 3
Hit 1d10
Damage 2d4 (Piercing 3) Fire
(Action) Fangs
Hit 2d4
Damage 1d6 + 1d4 Poison
(Reaction) Flit Away
Miss 1d8
(Strategy) Soar
Fly 1. Gain +1 Resilience. Suffer -1 Power.

Fenodyr Grunt

Fenodyr Grunt Level 3 Adversary Regular Defender HP: 20
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d6 Ice Resistance 1, Fire Weakness 1
Commonly found in wintry fae realms, this staunch, tough, and rather gruesome-looking fighter employs a brutish wrestling style to crush and puncture foes.
(Action) Clawed Grapple
Hit 1d12
Damage 1d10
Special The target is Grabbed and suffers -1 Resilience.
(Reaction) Fur Hide
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d6

Fenodyr Mage

Fenodyr Mage Level 3 Adversary Mini-boss Artillery HP: 36
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d6 Ice Resistance 1, Fire Weakness 1
These white-furred fae were outcast from the courts due to their fondness for aggression. Their mages wield potent ice magic reflective of their preferred climate.
(Action) Cold Snap
Range 4
Incant 1
Damage 1d10 (Piercing 3) Ice
Special The target suffers -2 Skill.
(Action) Lance of Winter
The Fenodyr Mage may begin an Incantation.
Range 3
Hit 1d12
Damage 1d8 (Piercing 3) Ice
(Reaction) Warp
Miss 2d4
Special Teleport 1 (Height 2).
(Strategy) Fae Step
Teleport 1 (Height 2). The Fenodyr Mage gains +1 Mind.

Fenodyr Strongling

Fenodyr Strongling Level 3 Adversary Regular Brawler HP: 19
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d8 Ice Resistance 1, Fire Weakness 1
Fenodyr commonly have a mercenary society, and stronglings are highly valued. Their ability to toss enemies around as if they were weightless makes them fearsome and daunting foes.
(Action) Launch
Hit 1d10
Damage 2d4
Special Force the target to Move 1 (Height 1). This can be used to launch the target straight up in the occupied section instead, in which case the target suffers falling damage from Height 1 (1d6).
(Reaction) Fur Hide
Miss 2d4
Defense 1d2


Gargoyle Level 3 Adversary Mini-boss Brawler HP: 34
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatics: 1d12 Darkvision Fire Resistance 1, Lightning Resistance 1, Acid Weakness 1
Sporting sharp claws and membrane wings, the gargoyle's most unique trait is its ability to turn itself to stone, which it does for both sleep and protection.
(Action) Springing Rake
Fly 1 before or after the attack. This Action can be used strictly to grant the movement (in which case it is non-hostile).
Hit 1d12
Damage 3d4
(Reaction) Stone Form
The Gargoyle cannot Fly on its next turn. If the target's Action doesn't deal Acid damage, reduce any Piercing on the Action by 2.
Miss 1d4
Defense 1d4
(Strategy) Flight
Fly 1. The Gargoyle gains +1 Power.


Gluttonmuck Level 3 Adversary Regular Blaster HP: 18
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4 Aquatic, Darkvision Acid Resistance 1, Lightning Weakness 1
Brown-colored, voracious, and highly acidic, the gluttonmuck dissolves and devours any form of life it can manage to come into contact with. Though it moves well in the water, it prefers the shallows of dank caves and similar environments.
(Action) Corrosive Spray
This Action does not target the Gluttonmuck. This Action can target two adjacent sections within range.
Area Attack
Range 2
Incant 1
Hit 1d12
Damage 2d4 (Piercing 4) Acid
Special The target suffers -1 Power and -1 Resilience.
(Reaction) Acidic Surface
The Gluttonmuck cannot lose its Incantation as a result of suffering damage. This Action loses its Damage entry against ranged and reach attacks.
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d4
Damage 1d4 Acid


Kirin Level 3 Adversary Mini-boss Support HP: 38
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d8 Luminous Holy Resistance 2, Fire Resistance 1, Unholy Weakness 2
This magical deer-like fae creature commonly defends sacred grounds and weaker fae. They are often revered as pets of certain gods.
(Action) Dancing Lights
Range 3
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d10 (Piercing 4) Holy
Special The Kirin or an ally within range 1 recovers 1d4 lost HP.
(Strategy) Gallop
Move 1.
(Strategy) Coat of Brilliance
The Kirin or an ally within range 1 gains +1 Skill and is affected with Coat of Brilliance until the start of the Kirin's next turn.
(Interrupt) Coat of Light
Trigger An enemy damages an entity affected by Coat of Brilliance.
Effect The triggering enemy suffers 1d6 Holy damage.

Lode Spider

Lode Spider Level 3 Adversary Regular Defender HP: 19
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d6 Poison Resistance 3, Fire Resistance 1, Ice Resistance 1, Acid Weakness 1
Covered in a rock-like exoskeleton, this big mountainous arachnid uses its magical gravity web to catch and feast on large birds. It can use similar magic to propel itself at attackers in self-defense.
(Action) Gravity Web
This Action only targets enemies.
Area Attack
Range 3
Incant 1
Damage 1d6 (Piercing 6)
Special The target is Grabbed, suffers -2 Skill, and cannot Fly until the end of the scenario.
(Action) Magnet Leap
The Lode Spider may begin an Incantation.
Hit 2d4
Damage 1d12
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Reaction) Rock Body
This Reaction loses its Special entry against ranged attacks and attacks without Hit entries.
Miss 1d8
Defense 1d4
Special The target suffers -2 Power.


Mandragora Level 3 Adversary Mini-boss Blaster HP: 35
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d12 Darkvision Unholy Resistance 2, Fire Resistance 1, Holy Weakness 1, Ice Weakness 1
A common low-ranking demon, the mandragora is short and largely human-shaped with hairless purple skin. Physically weak, they rely entirely on abyssal magics.
(Action) Scourge
Area Attack
Range 3
Incantation 1
Damage 1d8 (Piercing 3) Unholy
Special The target suffers -2 Resilience.
(Action) Dark Chant
The Mandragora may begin an Incantation.
Range 2
Damage 1d4 (Piercing 4) Unholy
(Reaction) Abyssal Rebuke
If the Mandragora's Incantation is canceled due to suffering damage, the target suffers 1d6 Unholy damage.
Miss 1d8
Damage 1d4 Unholy
(Strategy) Wink
Teleport 1. The Mandragora gains +1 Resilience.

Possessed Tome

Possessed Tome Level 3 Adversary Regular Support HP: 17
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatic Immobile, Sightless Vision Poison Resistance 5, Unholy Resistance 2, Fire Weakness 1, Holy Weakness 1
This book, filled with fell passages, has been possessed by a demon or evil spirit. It floats about, casting random curses on unwanted intruders.
(Action) Flip Pages
This Action cannot be played against a target that was subjected to Flip Pages within this round or the previous. Ignore any effects that require the Possessed Tome to play Actions against specific targets.
Reach 4
Special Roll 1d4. On a result of 1, the target suffers -2 Power. On a result of 2, the target suffers -2 Resilience. On a result of 3, the target suffers -2 Mind. On a result of 4, the target suffers -2 Skill.
(Reaction) Cursed Spine
Miss 1d8
Damage 1d6 Unholy
(Strategy) Hover
Fly 1.

Resentful Spirit

Resentful Spirit Level 3 Adversary Mook Blaster HP: 1
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatic Darkvision
This ghost is filled with rage, often a result of the injustice of its death or the treatment of its body afterward. It lashes out at the living with energies that manifest as electricity.
(Action) Unleash Rage
Area Attack
Range 1
Hit 1d12
Damage 1d6 (Piercing 3) Lightning
Defense 1d4
Special The target suffers -2 Power.
(Reaction) Vengeful Discharge
Miss 1d12
Damage 1d8 (Piercing 2) Lightning
(Strategy) Ghost Walk
Phase 1.

Sacrificial Altar

Sacrificial Altar Level 3 Adversary Regular Support HP: 23
Initiative: 1d4 Immobile Poison Resistance 5, Unholy Resistance 2, Holy Weakness 2, Acid Weakness 1
Covered in the dried blood of victims slain upon it, this altar draws power from those deaths and confers it onto the servants and allies of whoever performed the rites.
(Action) Cursed Aura
Area Attack
Defense 1d8
Special Enemy targets suffer 1 damage at the start of their turns until the end of the scenario (this is cumulative). Ally targets gain +1 Mind.
(Reaction) Sturdy Build
This Reaction can only be played against enemies outside the occupied section.
Defense 1d12
(Assist) Bloody Rewards
Trigger An ally within range 3 plays an Action.
Effect The triggering ally immediately gains +2 Power.


Zombie Level 3 Adversary Mook Defender HP: 11
Initiative: 1d4 Acrobatics: 1d4 Darkvision Poison Resistance 5, Unholy Resistance 1, Holy Weakness 1
The most standard form of animated corpse, zombies are mindless, readily controlled by the necromancer that raised them. Some rise spontaneously from unusual events, in which case they strike out randomly at the living.
(Action) Takedown
Hit 2d4
Damage 1d10
Special The target is Grabbed and suffers -1 Resilience.
(Reaction) Undead Flesh
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d2
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