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Analects Book 4 Part 3: Opponents

Chapter 4: Level 4

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The following tables provide a collection of Opponents at level 4. For more information on their use in the game, see DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios.

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Level 4 Opponents Table

Opponent Rank Type WP Init
Outlaw Mook Antagonist 12 1d6
Bourgeois Mook Debater 10 1d8
Escort Mook Leader 11 1d6
Trasgu Mook Trickster 11 1d8
Spook Mook Trickster 0 1d4
Chatterling Regular Antagonist 24 1d12
Intellectual Regular Debater 20 1d8
Rake Regular Leader 22 1d8
Conjured Image Regular Trickster 20 1d6
Templar Mini-boss Antagonist 48 1d8
Chaplain Mini-boss Debater 40 1d8
Smooth Talker Mini-boss Leader 44 1d10
Gloomcaster Mini-boss Trickster 42 1d8
Restless Spirit Boss Antagonist 95 1d10
Tactician Boss Debater 82 1d10
Aristocrat Boss Leader 88 1d12
Mindbender Boss Trickster 80 1d10

Level 4 Opponent Entries


Deckless Variant: At the beginning of each round, as long as the Aristocrat is not Confused or Muddled, choose two random enemies; the first is Impotent until the end of the round, and the second is Dazed until the end of the round. The same enemy cannot be chosen for both effects.

Aristocrat Level 4 Opponent Boss Leader
WP: 88 Initiative: 1d12 Charisma: 1d12 Immune: Disoriented
Every society has some version of an aristocracy; non-feudal ones may have merchant oligarchs, wealthy clergy, or even a magocracy. This opponent can represent any individual of such wealth, education, and privilege.
(Action) Political Banter [Charming]
Argue 1d12
Special The target must play their next Action against the Aristocrat. Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.
(Reaction) Smooth Trick [Charming]
Rebuttal 2d6
Special The target is Vulnerable until the end of the Aristocrat's next turn.
(Strategy) Wear Down
One target that must play their next Action against the Aristocrat suffers 2d6 damage. The same target cannot be selected multiple times in a round.


Bourgeois Level 4 Opponent Mook Debater
WP: 10 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d6
Wealthy city-dwelling members of the upper-middle class have such different lives from rural peasants and urchins that they may as well live in different worlds. Education grants an air of sophistication, furthering the sense of superiority among many of them.
(Action) Sophistication [Charming]
Argue 1d12
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat, or two notches if the target played an Aggressive or Comical Reaction.
(Reaction) Cliché [Comical]
Rebuttal 1d10


Chaplain Level 4 Opponent Mini-boss Debater
WP: 40 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d8
This mid-ranking religious leader often leads services in smaller chapels or the churches of remote villages.
(Action) Scripture Reading [Aggressive]
Argue 3d4
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. If the Argue result is maximum, advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. If the target did not perform a Rebuttal roll, advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.
(Reaction) Divine Calm [Charming]
Rebuttal 1d10
Special If the target deals damage to the Chaplain, advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.
(Strategy) Beseech
An ally in an adjacent position Moves into the occupied position. Enemies cannot prevent this movement in any way.


Chatterling Level 4 Opponent Regular Antagonist
WP: 24 Initiative: 1d12 Charisma: 1d8
This especially annoying breed of Seelie fae lives mostly in enchanted forests, intercepting travelers to talk their ears off. It's usually preferable to humor them, as such forests take grave offense to unnecessary violence.
(Action) Chit-chat [Comical]
Argue 1d12
Damage 1d10
(Reaction) Complain [Comical]
Rebuttal 2d4
Damage 1d8
(Strategy) Split
The Chatterling loses half its remaining WP (rounded down). Another Chatterling appears in an adjacent position with total WP equal to this Chatterling's remaining WP and acts next in the Initiative order. The new Chatterling's Mind is set to -3. This Strategy can only be played if the Chatterling has more than 1WP remaining.

Conjured Image

Conjured Image Level 4 Opponent Regular Trickster
WP: 20 Initiative: 1d6 Charisma: 1d4
This illusory image usually takes on the appearance of a person. It's capable of engaging in limited conversation, usually answering specific questions about a particular topic.
(Action) Visions and Illusions [Charming]
Range 1
Damage 1d10
Special The target suffers -1 to a Stat Track of the Conjured Image's choice.
(Reaction) Scripted Response [Persuasive]
Rebuttal 1d10
(Strategy) Reappear
Move to any position. This Move cannot be blocked by any means. The Conjured Image suffers -1 Power.


Escort Level 4 Opponent Mook Leader
WP: 11 Initiative: 1d6 Charisma: 1d12
Escorts function as bodyguards, often within establishments but occasionally on the road. They are charged with keeping guests where they belong.
(Reaction) Stoicalness [Comical]
Defense 1d8
Special If the target's Action advances the Debate Counter toward victory, the target suffers 2d4 damage.
(Interrupt) Intercept
Trigger An enemy fails a Charisma roll against the Escort.
Effect Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.


Gloomcaster Level 4 Opponent Mini-boss Trickster
WP: 42 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d4
Emotive magics are uncommon but not exactly rare. How they're wielded is entirely up to the emotional state of the caster. In this case, that state is… troubled.
(Action) Brainclouds [Aggressive]
Range 1
Argue 1d12
Damage 1d10 (Piercing 1)
Special Until the end of the scenario, the target suffers 1 damage (cumulative) every time they draw a card.
(Reaction) Indifference [Comical]
Rebuttal 2d4
Defense 1d4
(Assist) Moodweaving
Trigger An ally in an adjacent position plays a Reaction.
Effect The triggering ally's Reaction gains either +1 level to its Defense dice or Defense: 1d4.


Intellectual Level 4 Opponent Regular Debater
WP: 20 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d4
The intellectual represents someone who is an expert in their field, typically highly educated. They are experienced with magic and adept at resisting illusions and charms.
(Action) Expert Analysis [Persuasive]
Argue 1d10
Damage 2d4
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. The target suffers -1 Power.
(Reaction) Call the Fallacy [Persuasive]
The target's Action cannot reduce the Intellectual's Stat Tracks.
Rebuttal 1d10
(Strategy) Relevant Facts
Until the start of the Intellectual's next turn, entities in the occupied position increase all Argue and Rebuttal dice levels by 1 on Persuasive Actions and Reactions.


Deckless Variant: Whenever the Mindbender forces an enemy to perform a play, all dice on the play increase by 1 level, and whenever such a play succeeds, the Mindbender gains +1 Skill. Hazy Thoughts text changes to the following: Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. Enemies may each suffer 1d2 damage to prevent the Debate Counter from advancing.

Mindbender Level 4 Opponent Boss Trickster
WP: 80 Initiative: 1d10 Charisma: 2d4
Those who can master the art of mindbending are not simply trained, for not all are capable of this magic. Rare and specific natural talent is required. As mindbending is frequently outlawed under penalty of death, there have been multiple panic-driven inquisitions leading to mass murder.
Notes If the Mindbender has 40WP or fewer remaining, it can roll Charisma to block enemy movement in any position, and when it Moves, it can suffer -1 Resilience to Move to any position rather than only adjacent ones.
(Action) Dominate [Charming]
Range 2
Incant 1
Argue 1d12
Special The target suffers -2 Mind, or -1 Mind if the target has already suffered this effect this round.
(Action) Mindbending
The Mindbender may begin an Incantation. If there is at least one enemy in the occupied position, the Mindbender gains +1 Mind. This Action is non-hostile.
(Reaction) Trail Off [Comical]
Rebuttal 1d10
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Strategy) Hazy Thoughts
Discard a card: All enemies must discard a card or suffer 1d4 damage.


Outlaw Level 4 Opponent Mook Antagonist
WP: 12 Initiative: 1d6 Charisma: 1d6
Typical outlaws are blunt and direct, but many often have a rugged and independent sort of charm about them.
(Action) Brashness [Aggressive]
Argue 1d12
Damage 2d6
Special The target suffers -1 Power.
(Reaction) Poise [Charming]
This Reaction loses its Damage dice against Comical Actions.
Rebuttal 2d4
Damage 1d4


Rake Level 4 Opponent Regular Leader
WP: 22 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 2d4
The rake uses their comely features and natural charm to pursue romantic and platonic relationships alike. Some adapt these skills for use in various forms of espionage.
(Action) Flirtatious Approach [Charming]
Argue 1d12
Damage 1d10
Special The target and the Rake gain +1 Skill.
(Reaction) Attractive Smile [Charming]
Rebuttal 1d12
Damage 1d6
(Interrupt) Really Getting Along [Automatic]
Trigger An enemy in the occupied position with Skill above their base plays a Charming Action or Reaction against the Rake, and the Rake's Skill is above its base.
Effect The triggering enemy and the Rake can no longer voluntarily Move. The triggering enemy can only play Actions against the Rake until the Rake is defeated. The Rake can only play Actions against the triggering enemy until the triggering enemy is defeated. If the enemy and the Rake are no longer in the same position, these effects immediately end.

Restless Spirit

Deckless Variant: As a Strategy, when not Confused, the Restless Spirit can suffer 1d6 damage in order to increase its Damage dice by 1 level until the start of its next turn. As a Strategy, when not Muddled, the Restless Spirit can add the following to its Distrust Reaction until the start of its next turn: Special: Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.

Restless Spirit Level 4 Opponent Boss Antagonist
WP: 95 Initiative: 1d10 Charisma: 1d6 Immune: Stunned
Restless spirits can arise naturally or from the intervention of a necromancer, though the natural method is not well understood. Some are malevolent, while others were simply horribly wronged. Most are angry and distrustful of the living.
(Action) Lasting Anger [Aggressive]
Argue 2d6
Damage 2d8
Special If the target played a Charming Reaction, advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.
(Action) Haunt [Aggressive]
Argue 1d12
Damage 1d10 Fear
Special Reduce the target's maximum hand size by 1 (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the scenario.
(Reaction) Distrust [Aggressive]
Increase the Damage dice number by 1 against Persuasive Actions.
Rebuttal 1d10
Damage 1d4

Smooth Talker

Smooth Talker Level 4 Opponent Mini-boss Leader
WP: 44 Initiative: 1d10 Charisma: 1d12
This slick individual is adept at getting their way with buttered words and quick wit. Such people make talented traders, politicians, and spies.
(Action) Smooth Segue [Charming]
Argue 2d6
Special Force the target to Move 1. Then, Move into the same position. Enemies cannot prevent this movement in any way. The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Reaction) Slippery Commentary [Charming]
Rebuttal 1d12
Damage 1d8
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.
(Strategy) Convincing Rhetoric
Discard a card: Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. The Smooth Talker suffers 4 damage.


Spook Level 4 Opponent Mook Trickster
WP: 0 Initiative: 1d4
These spirits do not manifest directly, instead spreading strange messages often in riddle form, or manipulating the environment in some haunting manner or other.
Notes The Spook does not occupy any position, cannot be targeted by Actions, and cannot be defeated. If no allies with WP remain, the scenario ends.
(Action) Spooky Whispers [Aggressive]
This Action targets a random enemy in any position.
Argue 1d12
Damage 1d10
Special If the target lacks Fear Resistance, they suffer -2 Power.


Deckless Variant: Enemies suffer 1d8 damage whenever they deal damage to the Tactician as long as the Tactician is not Muddled.

Tactician Level 4 Opponent Boss Debater
WP: 82 Initiative: 1d10 Charisma: 1d8 Immune: Confused, Dazed, & Impotent
A tactician of such skill as this is likely well-reknowned, potentially in the employ of a powerful monarch or warlord.
(Action) Relevant Knowledge [Persuasive]
Argue 1d12
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. The next Action or Reaction the target plays that is the same Trait as the Reaction they just played (if any) has all dice levels reduced by 1.
(Reaction) Inferior Approach [Aggressive]
Rebuttal 1d10
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.
(Interrupt) Nothing to Offer
Trigger An enemy ends their turn without playing an Action.
Effect The triggering enemy suffers 1d12 damage.


Templar Level 4 Opponent Mini-boss Antagonist
WP: 48 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d6
Charged with the defense of temples, holy sites, and traveling religious leaders, templars are champions of their faith and difficult to talk around.
(Action) Righteousness [Charming]
If the target plays a Persuasive Reaction, increase the Argue dice level by 1.
Argue 2d4
Damage 3d4
Defense 1d4
(Reaction) Strong Faith [Aggressive]
This Reaction loses its Defense dice against Comical Actions.
Rebuttal 1d10
Defense 1d4
(Strategy) Holy Inspiration
Discard a card: The Templar and an ally within range 1 gain +1 Power.


Trasgu Level 4 Opponent Mook Trickster
WP: 11 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d8
The Trasgu is a Seelie goblin with a pointy red hat and a distinctive hole in its left hand. It is usually benign but causes mischief when agitated, and its pride won't permit it to stand down if confronted.
(Action) Play Tricks [Comical]
Argue 1d10
Damage 1d12
Special The target suffers -2 Resilience.
(Reaction) Appeal [Persuasive]
Rebuttal 2d4
Special The target suffers -2 Power or -2 Mind (their choice).
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