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Analects Book 4 Part 3: Opponents

Chapter 5: Level 5

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The following tables provide a collection of Opponents at level 5. For more information on their use in the game, see DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios.

Level 5 Opponents Table

Opponent Rank Type WP Init
Noisy Beast Mook Antagonist 12 1d6
Obscurantist Mook Debater 12 1d8
Proselytizer Mook Leader 13 1d10
Royal Attendant Mook Trickster 13 1d6
Beastly Demihuman Regular Antagonist 28 1d8
Shrewd Minister Regular Debater 24 1d10
Songcaster Regular Leader 25 1d6
Deceptimancer Regular Trickster 24 1d6
Pixie Regular Trickster 26 1d10
Local Hero Mini-boss Antagonist 56 1d8
Hobgoblin Mini-boss Debater 46 1d8
Ghostly Guardian Mini-boss Leader 52 1d12
Court Wizard Mini-boss Trickster 50 1d8

Level 5 Opponent Entries

Beastly Demihuman

Beastly Demihuman Level 5 Opponent Regular Antagonist
WP: 28 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d4
This demihuman may have limited command of language or might speak eloquently. However, a distrust of others and a tendency toward aggression is assumed regardless.
(Action) Growled Accusation [Aggressive]
Argue 1d12
Damage 2d8
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Action) Growled Threat [Aggressive]
Damage 2d8
Special The target suffers -1 Mind.
(Reaction) Distrust [Aggressive]
Rebuttal 2d4

Court Wizard

Court Wizard Level 5 Opponent Mini-boss Trickster
WP: 50 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d6
Court wizards employ their magic broadly in the service of liege and realm. While this can and does include solving broad magical problems, it also includes magical screenings and charms on those who visit, always seeking to secure the upper hand in negotiation and espionage.
(Action) Aura Reading [Charming]
Range 1
Argue 3d4
Special The target suffers -3 Power and must reveal their hand.
(Reaction) Mental Fog [Charming]
Rebuttal 2d6
Defense 1d6
Special Either the target suffers -3 Resilience, or advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat (target's choice).
(Strategy) Courtly Arguments
Draw a card. Discard it immediately to advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat, or keep it and gain +1 to any one Stat Track.


Deceptimancer Level 5 Opponent Regular Trickster
WP: 24 Initiative: 1d6 Charisma: 1d6
The term for this subset of illusion enthusiasts began as an epithet but was quickly embraced by the community. While all illusion magic fools one sense or others, deceptimancers delve deeper to create brief alternate realities, toy with short-term memories, and relax the brain's defenses against such things.
(Action) Deception Magic [Comical]
Range 1
Argue 2d6
Special The target suffers -3 Mind.
(Reaction) Blanking Spell [Comical]
Rebuttal 1d12
Special The target suffers -2 Mind. The target may discard a card to cancel this effect.
(Strategy) Relaxation Charms
An enemy within range 1 suffers -1 Resilience. The Deceptimancer cannot play Actions against that enemy this turn.

Ghostly Guardian

Ghostly Guardian Level 5 Opponent Mini-boss Leader
WP: 52 Initiative: 1d12 Charisma: 1d8
The undead have a (deserved) reputation for mindless violence and danger, but some like this apparition serve a noble purpose, often continuing a duty they held in life for centuries or even millenia afterward. A few hold on long enough for everything they were protecting to fall entirely into ruin and no longer need their protection, but protect they still do.
(Action) State Your Purpose [Aggressive]
This Action can target two enemies.
Argue 1d12
Damage 1d10 (Piercing 2)
Special The target must play their next Action against the Ghostly Guardian. The Ghostly Guardian gains +1 Resilience.
(Reaction) Weigh Response [Persuasive]
Rebuttal 1d8 + 1d4
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. If the target was forced to play their Action against the Ghostly Guardian, they must discard a card (if able).
(Strategy) Undead Aura
One target without Fear Resistance suffers -2 Mind. The same target cannot be chosen twice in a row.


Hobgoblin Level 5 Opponent Mini-boss Debater
WP: 46 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d6
This friendly Seelie fae attaches itself to a house inhabited by good-natured folk. It helps with odd jobs, but also protects against magical threats and unseen dangers. It does so with trickery and opposing magics rather than engaging in actual combat, as it has no battle skills to speak of. It can naturally read the Karma of others.
(Action) Hearth Covenant [Persuasive]
Argue 3d4
Defense 1d8
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. If the Hobgoblin ends its turn without having played an Action from its hand, advance the Debate Counter another notch toward defeat.
(Reaction) Duty [Aggressive]
Rebuttal 1d12
Defense 1d4
Damage 2d4
(Strategy) Conscience Tap
Discard a card: Enemies in the occupied position with 0 Karma or less must discard two cards or suffer -2 Power. Enemies with 3 Karma or more suffer -1 Power.

Local Hero

Local Hero Level 5 Opponent Mini-boss Antagonist
WP: 56 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d10
Feats of strength and bravery paired with a winning personality are hallmarks of the village hero. Such individuals are expected to stand up for the village against outsiders and other perceived threats.
(Action) Reject Outsiders [Aggressive]
Argue 2d6
Damage 4d4
(Reaction) Pride [Aggressive]
If the Local Hero has 30WP or more remaining, the target's Action cannot advance the Debate Counter toward victory.
Rebuttal 1d10
Special The Local Hero gains +1 Power or restores any 1 Stat Track.
(Strategy) Bolstered By Friendship
Until the end of the Local Hero's turn, Reject Outsiders gains Special: Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. This Strategy can only be played if there is at least one ally in the occupied position.

Noisy Beast

Noisy Beast Level 5 Opponent Mook Antagonist
WP: 14 Initiative: 1d12 Charisma: 1d6
Representing pets, guard animals, and the like, the noisy beast keeps outsiders on edge and makes conversation rather difficult.
(Action) Bark, Growl, Hiss, Etc. [Aggressive]
The target's Reaction cannot advance the Debate Counter toward victory.
Damage 1d12
(Reaction) Refuse Taming [Aggressive]
The target's Action cannot advance the Debate Counter toward victory.
Defense 1d6
(Strategy) Animal Instincts
The Noisy Beast restores all Stat Tracks.


Obscurantist Level 5 Opponent Mook Debater
WP: 12 Initiative: 1d8 Charisma: 1d8
A subset of elitist scholars, obscurantists believe that knowledge gets corrupted in the minds of those with insufficient education. In order to proect knowledge, they purposefully use uncommon language, complex literary references, and other tricks to make themselves harder to understand (and properly argue down).
(Action) Obscure Language [Aggressive]
Argue 2d6
Damage 2d4
Special Advance the Debate Counter two notches toward defeat. The target may discard two cards to cancel one notch of advancement.
(Reaction) Vague Language [Persuasive]
Rebuttal 1d8
Defense 1d4


Proselytizer Level 5 Opponent Mook Leader
WP: 13 Initiative: 1d10 Charisma: 1d10
In lesser company this missionary might command the entire conversation, but here they are relegated to a minor role of religious appeals on the side, largely as a distraction.
(Action) Spread the Word [Charming]
Argue 2d6
Damage 1d10
Special The target must play their next Action against the Proselytizer.
(Reaction) Fervent Belief [Charming]
Rebuttal 1d10 + 1d2
Defense 1d4
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.

Royal Attendant

Royal Attendant Level 5 Opponent Mook Trickster
WP: 13 Initiative: 1d6 Charisma: 1d10
While the role of attendant may seem minor, such individuals are nonetheless a part of the royal court and wield a respectable amount of influence.
(Action) Courtly Trappings [Non-hostile]
A target ally recovers 1d4 lost WP and gains +1 to any one Stat Track.
(Reaction) Held Tongue [Charming]
The target's Action cannot advance the Debate Counter toward victory.
Defense 1d6
(Assist) Invoke Proceedings
Trigger An ally within range 1 deals damage with an Action that does not advance the Debate Counter.
Effect Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat.
(Assist) Issue Decree
Trigger An ally within range 1 plays a hostile Action that does not deal damage.
Effect The triggering Action gains Damage: 1d12.

Shrewd Minister

Shrewd Minister Level 5 Opponent Regular Debater
WP: 24 Initiative: 1d10 Charisma: 1d6
Quick thinking and comprehensive smarts helped this minister advance to a relatively high ranking. With sufficient ambition, even greater heights are certainly possible.
(Action) Insightful Point [Persuasive]
Argue 3d4
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. The target suffers -1 Resilience.
(Reaction) Clever Counter [Persuasive]
Rebuttal 1d12
Special Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. The target suffers -1 Skill.


Songcaster Level 5 Opponent Regular Leader
WP: 25 Initiative: 1d6 Charisma: 1d10
This particular discipline grew from simple animal charming tricks in human societies, though the fae have always possessed various forms of it.
(Action) Enchanted Flute [Charming]
Range 1
Argue 1d12
Special Force the target to Move into the Songcaster's occupied position if they are not already present. The target suffers -2 Power and -2 Skill.
(Reaction) Wall of Sound [Comical]
Defense 1d8
Damage 1d6
Special The target cannot Move until the end of their next turn or the Songcaster is defeated (whichever comes first).
(Interrupt) Dissonant Notes
Trigger An enemy fails an opposed Charisma roll against the Songcaster.
Effect The triggering enemy suffers damage equal to the Songcaster's Charisma roll.


Pixie Level 5 Opponent Regular Trickster
WP: 26 Initiative: 1d10 Charisma: 1d12
These diminuitive musical fae are not associated with either the Seelie or Unseelie courts. Some say their independence is because they are not true faeries but rather a similar sort of being, while others suggest the existence of a secret third Pixie court, sometimes with all sorts of bizarre conspiracies attached to it.
(Action) Faery Music [Comical]
This Action can target any number of enemies.
Range 2
Argue 1d12
Special The target is Confused until the start of the Pixie's next turn. The Pixie may force the target to Move 1.
(Reaction) Fickle Nature [Comical]
Rebuttal 1d10
Damage 1d10
(Strategy) Soothing Breath
An ally in the occupied position recovers 1d4 lost WP and is healed of any one condition.
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