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Armor is a type of Gear as well as a slot that the aforementioned Gear is equipped into. A PC can only equip one Armor at a time and only in the Armor slot unless otherwise specified.

Armor typically provides bonuses to the base Reaction in combat, particularly Defense entries, but may also bestow other effects.

Unlike most Gear, armor cannot be changed during the Strategy Phase. Armor can only be equipped or removed outside of scenarios. The DM may note if it is impossible to change armor even outside of a scenario, particularly for more complex heavy armors that can take some time to properly don or remove.

Training is required to equip armor. Armor comes in light, medium, and heavy classifications; training in the labeled classification is required to equip armor. Armor training is typically provided by a Class.

Action and Reaction entries on armor can be enhanced by adding an enchantment.

For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 7: Gear and Wealth.

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