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An Assist is a play performed out-of-turn in response to a particular Trigger. Each Assist has its own Trigger text that defines the circumstances that permit the Assist to be played; these are usually worded in response to ally activities. In addition to the requirements in the Trigger text, an entity can only play an Assist if it is not their turn and they have not already played an Assist this turn. Some Assists and effects may explicitly override these rules.

Note that while there is a limit of one Assist play per turn, there is no particular limit to the number of Assists played per round. An entity may play an Assist during every other entity's turn if it has the ability to do so and the Trigger is met.

Some Assists may have Trigger text that occurs outside of any entity's turn, such as the beginning or end of a round. An entity can only play one such Assist before the start of the next entity's turn.

The Dazed condition prevents an entity from playing Assists.

See also: Interrupt

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