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A Block is a special Strategy performed in combat scenarios. An entity that performs a Block chooses one or more borders in their occupied section to Block. Blocks remain until the blocking entity Moves, willfully lowers the Block, or becomes unable to Move (including from being defeated).

A Block can be willfully lowered at any time by merely announcing the intent to do so.

If the occupied section has 4 borders or fewer, the entity can only Block one of them. If there are 5 or more borders, the entity may Block two adjacent borders instead. Other effects may change the number of borders blocked.

Enemies cannot leave the blocking entity's occupied section by passing through a Blocked border with normal movement. Special movement types Fly, Phase, and Teleport ignore Blocks unless otherwise specified.

Some effects may grant the ability to Block borders at a distance. Unlike normal Blocks, distant Blocks operate two-way, preventing enemy movement from either side. Such Blocks also do not end as a result of the Blocking entity moving or being rendered unable to Move, or even defeated; instead they typically have their own durations listed. Special movements still bypass such Blocks unless otherwise specified.

Blocking grants access to Intercept.

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