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Climbing may refer to a special option within combat scenarios to traverse section borders with Height values, or it may refer to a keyword on some Obstacles within exploration scenarios.


Some section borders with Height values can be climbed. In order to climb without using any special abilities, an entity can perform an Acrobatics roll against the border as part of a Move to attempt to climb. Each successful roll results in traversing Height 1 unless otherwise specified. Until enough Height is traversed to overcome the border, the entity is climbing and subject to the following rules:

  • The entity occupies the lower section
  • If the entity's section is subjected to an Area Attack, the entity is only affected by the Action if the Action's Range entry is sufficient to reach the entity's current Height
  • The entity's Power and Resilience are treated as 1 less than their current value unless otherwise specified (min -4)
  • The entity cannot perform Incantations unless otherwise specified
  • If the entity suffers damage, the entity must immediately perform an Acrobatics roll vs. the border; success does not result in any traversal, but failure results in an immediate fall

A climbing entity that wants to stop climbing can choose to fall as a Move, suffering any resulting falling damage.


Some Obstacles have the Climbing keyword. Such Obstacles typically also have the Persists keyword. These Obstacles represent surfaces that the PCs must climb in order to traverse.

If a Climbing Obstacle's Reaction takes effect, the entity playing the corresponding Action suffers falling damage in addition to any other effects listed on the Reaction. See Height for more information on falling damage.

When attempting to traverse downward, an entity may simply Move as if a Climbing Obstacle were not present, but suffers falling damage in the process.

Many Tools and other forms of Gear and effects provide bonuses against Climbing Obstacles. For this reason, Climbing Obstacles are often a bit more dangerous by default than other Obstacles.

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