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Combat is one of three flavors of scenario, alongside exploration and interaction. Combat scenarios resolve scenes of martial battle, where the PCs face off against a set of Adversaries.

In most combat scenarios, victory is achieved by defeating all enemies. Conversely, the scenario is lost if all PCs are defeated. Some scenarios may have additional conditions or early outs, such as the enemy surrendering or fleeing after a certain point where their defeat is essentially assured.

Of the three scenario types, combat is the most likely to be “to the death.” In such scenarios, a loss results in the death of the PCs and the end of the game. In most combat scenarios, however, defeat typically results in Injury and the PCs either having to run away or being captured, depending on the needs of the story.

Combat scenarios feature a map divided into sections for determining relative positioning and range. The action is rather closely zoomed-in; individual rounds typically last around 5 seconds of time within the game world.

For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 4: Combat.

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