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DM's Toolbox Book 1 Chapter 1: Combat Scenarios Level 1

Find a collection of level 1 combat scenarios below. For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 4: Combat and DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios.

Remember that diagonal section connections are not permitted. Avoid drawing your sections such that diagonal connections exist. If necessary, insert small obstructions, such as pillars, trees, or rocks, to explicitly block such points.

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Scenario Synopsis
Beasts of the Ruins Monstrous encounter within ruins or similar dungeon
Checkpoint Melee Battle with guards at a fortified checkpoint
Nibelung Skirmish Difficult (level 1.5) dungeon battle with a group of Nibelung, including a Chanter
Nybling Ambush Group of Nibelung ambush the party at a dungeon entrance
Swamp Things Monstrous swamp creatures ambush the PCs on an animal trail
Throne of the Nibelung Clash against the nybling warrior leader

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