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 +===== Enchantment =====
 +An enchantment is a special type of [[Gear|Gear]] equipped on top of another Gear card. Enchantments commonly provide [[player_s_guide_chapter_3#​enhancement_dice|enhancement dice]] to the equipped Gear card's [[Action|Action]] and [[Reaction|Reaction]] entries. They are used exclusively in [[combat|combat]] [[scenario|scenarios]].
 +Enchantments come in three types, each of which corresponds to the type of Gear they can be equipped to: [[weapon|weapon]] enchantments,​ [[armor|armor]] enchantments,​ and [[shield|shield]] enchantments. Enchantments cannot be equipped to a type of Gear that does not match their type.
 +Enchantments have a level requirement provided. A [[PC|PC'​s]] level must be equal to or greater than the listed requirement in order to equip the enchantment to their Gear. Enchantments typically have a [[Power|Power]] entry as well, which is used to add [[magic|magic]] cards to the combat deck.
 +Enchantments also have an [[Extra Effect|Extra Effect]] provided, which adds some additional flavor and fun when equipping the card.
 +For more information,​ see [[Player'​s Guide Chapter 7|Player'​s Guide Chapter 7: Gear and Wealth]].
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