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 +===== Enhancement Dice =====
 +Some effects, such as [[enchantment|enchantments]],​ provide enhancement dice to entries. These additional dice, specified as +XdY, are added to the base roll. Effects that modify [[dice number]] or damage directly do not modify the dice number or [[dice level|level]] of enhancement dice. The [[piercing|Piercing]] attribute does reduce dice level for [[defense|Defense]] enhancement dice, however; Piercing values are first applied to enhancement dice, with any leftover Piercing applying to the base Defense.
 +Enhancement dice on Damage entries have their own damage type separately from that of the base entry. If no type is listed, the enhancement damage is untyped even if the base damage is typed.
 +Effects that fire based on the minimum or maximum roll result apply only to the base entry before any enhancement dice are applied (unless otherwise specified). Similarly, effects that minimize or maximize entries apply only to the base entry and exclude enhancement dice (unless otherwise specified).
 +Enhancement dice have no effect if there is no base entry.
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