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===== Expertise ===== Expertise is a type of [[Gear|Gear]] that comes in two categories: [[exploration|exploration]] and [[interaction|interaction]], each used solely within their respective [[scenario|scenario]]. Expertise is [[equip|equipped]] into the expertise slot, of which there is one. Equipped expertise may be selected at the start of the scenario. Expertise commonly provides [[Action|Actions]] and [[Reaction|Reactions]], but other entries may also be available. Expertise labeled generically as "Exploration Expertise" or "Interaction Expertise" does not require training to equip. All other expertise requires training in the labeled classification. Training for exploration type expertise is commonly provided by a [[Craft|Craft]], while training for interaction type expertise is commonly provided by a [[Profession|Profession]]. Action and Reaction entries on expertise can be enhanced by equipping a [[ritual|ritual]]. For more information, see [[Player's Guide Chapter 7|Player's Guide Chapter 7: Gear and Wealth]].

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