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 +==== Items ====
 +[[Item|Items]] are a type of Gear card that can only be played once within [[scenario|scenarios]]. Items are equipped in the item slot, of which each [[PC|PC]] has one. Once an item is used, it should be flipped over to signify that it is no longer available for the remainder of the scenario. A PC can use their Strategy Phase to swap a used item for an unused, unequipped item.
 +Used Items should be flipped back over once the scenario ends. They are not permanently lost.
 +Items come in three varieties: [[Combat|Combat]] Items, [[Exploration|Exploration]] Items, and [[Interaction|Interaction]] Items. Items can only be used in their corresponding scenario type. The equipped item can be changed at the start of a scenario to ensure that it is of the correct type.
 +No training is required to equip items.
 +For more information,​ see [[Player'​s Guide Chapter 7|Player'​s Guide Chapter 7: Gear and Wealth]].
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