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Karma is a PC resource frequently gained by performing good deeds or as some other form of reward. It can be lost by performing wicked deeds, particularly in the pursuit of treasure or shortcuts.

Some special cards and Gear require spending Karma to play. Additionally, in life-or-death combat scenarios, defeated PCs can spend Karma at the start of their turns to recover 1/3 of their max HP (rounded up). In other life-or-death scenarios, Karma is most often used to extend Round Limits but may also allow for EP or WP recovery or other effects; the scenario will detail any particular uses for Karma. These plays reflect the heroic spirit, hidden power, or divine blessings possessed by the PC protagonists.

Karma cannot be spent if it is at 0 or less, but other effects that would cause loss of Karma can push it into negative values. Until Karma is positive again, it cannot be used.

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