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Lockpick is a dice entry found most often as Actions on Gear. It is used exclusively in exploration scenarios. Lockpick rolls are opposed by Lock rolls, with ties in favor of Lockpick.

Lockpick rolls are performed when an entity, usually a PC, attempts a Lockpick against an entity or feature with a Lock entry (usually an Obstacle). When a PC wins a Lockpick roll against a Challenge, the Challenge is instantly defeated regardless of EP total unless otherwise specified. Locks may also be found on other features, such as treasure chests, found within a region. Successful Lockpicks can result in the PCs winning treasure, opening new routes, or other various effects as defined by the scenario.

Lockpick cannot be attempted against any entity or feature that lacks a Lock entry. The DM should not hide the presence of a Lock entry.

Occasionally the PCs may place a Lock themselves. Challenges such as Creatures and Seekers can sometimes attempt to Lockpick at the discretion of the DM. As this is such a rare event, Challenge entries usually lack Lockpick entries; the DM should determine the Lockpick capabilities of a Challenge that will make such an attempt.

For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 5: Exploration.

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