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Mini-boss is an entity rank for Adversaries and Opponents. In terms of scenario design, a mini-boss is worth two PCs of equal level.

Mini-bosses start with a +1 in each Stat Track.

Mini-bosses each have a deck of cards and draw and discard according to the standard rules. They have the normal base Hand Limit.

A mini-boss can play an Action card from its hand (if one is available) and one from its card on the same turn (in the same Action Phase. If an Action card it plays from its hand instructs it to play an Action from its card, this play does not count against the Action it still gets to play from its card on the same turn. In this manner, it's possible for a mini-boss to play an Action from its card twice in a turn, with one of those modified by effects from the card it played from its hand.

See also: Mook, Regular, Boss

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