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A Move allows an entity to change positions within scenarios. In combat or interaction, an entity may Move once at any time after their Start of Turn and before their End of Turn (or, in other words, at any time during their Strategy Phase or Action Phase). In exploration scenarios, PCs may Move during the Strategy or Action Phases of their turn or any ally's turn, but still only once per round. Challenges only Move during their turns.

Normal movement generally consists of land-based traversal such as walking or running, as well as swimming. Hard section borders can prevent movement in combat, while Obstacles block normal traversal in exploration. Special movement types, such as Fly, Phase, and Teleport may bypass some of these restrictions depending on the terrain or type of Obstacle.

Charisma may often be used to prevent movement in interaction in the form of opposed rolls between enemies.

An entity's base Move speed is 1, meaning the entity can Move from one section, region, or position to an adjacent one. Higher speeds allow continued movement between locations based on the value. For instance, an entity that Moves 3 (from higher speed or a play that explicitly grants this) can cross three section borders in a single Move. In these cases, the entity proceeds through each section in turn, which may trigger other effects in the process (including those that may halt further movement).

Some Move entries in combat will have a Height entry following it in parentheses, such as Move 1 (Height 2). In these cases, the entity can freely cross section borders with a Height value equal to or less than the listed value, whether moving upward or downward.

It is common for movement in combat, including climbing Height value changes without the use of special movement, require the use of Acrobatics to attempt the movement.

An entity may freely Move across any section border with a Height value if it is in a downward direction. Doing so without a Height entry, Acrobatics climb, other special effect may result in falling damage. See Height for more information on falling and Climbing for more information on climbing.

Many effects allow an entity to force another entity to Move. In these cases, they often provide specific Move range, type, any Height values, etc, but some may also make use of the moving entity's actual speed or other movement-related abilities.

The Grabbed condition also prevents movement in combat and exploration. It may additionally provide new avenues of forced movement.

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