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 +===== Phase =====
 +Phase is a special type of [[Move|Move]] that permits an [[entity|entity]] to pass through hard [[section|section]] borders or bypass many [[Obstacle|Obstacles]]. In the case of section borders, there must still be a destination section on the other side of the hard border. If an entity has a high Phase speed, the DM may need to deliniate borders within walls and other solid obstructions to provide all the potential routes such entities may have in [[combat|combat]].
 +The DM determines if Phase allows an entity to bypass an Obstacle. Typically this is possible with small or mundane Obstacles, such as doors or barricades, while Obstacles representing long paths or magical barriers generally cannot be Phased through.
 +Phase ignores [[Blocks|Blocks]] in combat and also permits an entity to freely escape from being [[Grabbed|Grabbed]].
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