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Range may refer to the distance between sections, regions, or positions; the Range entry on an Action; or a ranged attack.

Range Entry

The Range entry on an Action provides the number of borders, exits, or connections the Action may cross in order to reach a target or targets. See Height for information on how Range interacts with Height values and Move for more information about crossings.

Some effects may increase or decrease Range. An Action with a Range entry that is decreased to Range 0 or less can only be played against targets in the occupied location. See the section on Ranged Attack below for additional restrictions that may result.

Many effects may also list a Range within a block of text. For instance, the Trigger entry of an Assist may specify “an ally within Range 2.” Such text causes the entry to be treated the same as an Action with a Range entry for determining if it can take effect and/or what entities it may target.

Ranged Attack

A ranged attack is a hostile Action performed in combat scenarios that has a Range or Thrown entry (except for Thrown Actions played as melee attacks).

An entity cannot play a ranged attack if there is an enemy in their occupied position. If an effect allows an entity to ignore this restriction, the entity still cannot play a ranged attack against an enemy in their occupied position unless otherwise specified. A ranged attack with its range reduced to 0 thus can only be played if the entity enjoys such special exceptions.

Thrown Actions and those played as a result of Incantations ignore the above restrictions.

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