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 ==== Tweaks ==== ==== Tweaks ====
-The Insect Clouds may not be appropriate for all terrain. If the guards are on the side of evil, consider swapping ​them out for [[analects_book_4_part_1_chapter_1#​bone_shrine|Bone Shrine]] positioned within the blockadegiving bonuses to the ranged guardsAlternatively ​you could exchange them for a pair of [[analects_book_4_part_1_chapter_1#​vigil|Vigils]] to simulate a more heavily fortified checkpoint. Either option increases the danger ​of the ranged volleys and increases the importance of breaching the checkpoint for melee characters, though this reduces imminent melee threat ​to spellcasters.+Not all checkpoints will enjoy the protection ​of Vigils. You could swap them for [[analects_book_4_part_1_chapter_1#​agitated_farmer|Agitated Farmers]] or [[analects_book_4_part_1_chapter_1#​street_tough|Street Toughs]] reflavored as gruffill-equipped guard recruitsIf the terrain allows it, you could also include ​[[analects_book_4_part_1_chapter_1#​insect_cloud|Insect Clouds]] which attack indescriminately. This scenario is easy to boost to Level 2 by including ​more of the same Adversaries or adding a [[analects_book_4_part_1_chapter_2#​petty_officer|Petty Officer]] ​to the mix.
 [[dm_s_toolbox_book_1_chapter_1|More level 1 combat scenarios]] [[dm_s_toolbox_book_1_chapter_1|More level 1 combat scenarios]]
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