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Burning Building Escape

Level 2 Exploration Scenario

The PCs wake from their slumber to thickening smoke and sweltering temperatures. The building they're in is on fire, and there are no nearby exits. The heroes must find a way out before succumbing to asphyxiation.

The scenario doesn't end in failure when the Round Limit is reached; instead, each PC that has not escaped suffers 1 Injury at the start of every round after the Round Limit is reached.


Setting Wilderness
Type Chase
Round Limit 4
Lighting Lit
(start) A - B
           v |
            C - D
              \ |
                E (goal)


(Region A) Sleeping Ward
Thick smoke has already filled your room. Worse, someone has locked the door, and you don't have the key!
Exit To Obstacle
East B Standard Locked Door
Acrid Smoke
(Region B) 2F Landing
Fire is already raging through much of the floor. The only way out is through the first floor, but the staircase leading down has begun to burn. You could try to jump, but it's a long way down.
Exit To Obstacle
West A Standard Locked Door
Down C Damaged Staircase (Height 2)
Jump C Leap of Faith (Height 3)
Open Flames
(Region C) Dining Room
The route to the foyer (and thus the nearest exit) is largely blocked as parts of the building are already collapsing. You could try to squeeze through, or take the long way around through the east halls.
Exit To Obstacle
East D -
Southeast E Tight Crawlspace
Up B Damaged Staircase
Acrid Smoke
Fortune Hidden: 1d8
(Region D) Burning Corridors
Fires rage on the walls on both sides of you. The ceiling looks as though it could give at any moment.
Exit To Obstacle
South E -
West C -
Burning Pitch
Open Flames
Fortune Hidden: 1d8
(Region E) Foyer
The way out is just ahead, but the door is locked tight. The windows are protected with metal bars, so the door is your best bet. The building shakes; it's not going to last much longer.
Exit To Obstacle
East Goal Reinforced Locked Door
Northwest C Tight Crawlspace
North D -
Acrid Smoke
Crumbling Infrastructure
Fortune Hidden: 1d6


You could also run this as a Normal scenario, swapping the Round Limit for a larger scenario with more damage potential. In this case, you might consider giving the PCs more directions they could go, adding new regions, but several of them wind up as dead-ends. Reuse the Environs listed above to continue the theme. If you add lots of rooms, you could add some weaker Environs like Sweltering Humidity (reflavoring Humidity to something like Temperatures).

If you have three players, consider increasing the Round Limit by 1. If there are no lock specialists, swap the Reinforced Locked Door at E for the Standard variety, or remove one of the Hazards from the region. Alternatively, swap one of the Fortunes for a key.

To increase the difficulty, upgrade the Acrid Smoke in C for Open Flames. You might also consider upgrading an Environ somewhere to Steam Vents; just do a little reflavoring to make it related to a burning building. The Tight Crawlspace is likely to be easy for the PCs to cross, and the alternative through D is potentially painful without the ability to Move twice; if you want to make that exit much harder, swap it for Hot Pipes (again reflavoring to something like Burning Planks to fit the scene). That's a substantial upgrade, so if you choose this you might reduce the Height values by 1 for the B-C exits.

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