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The Forgotten Caves

Level 1 Exploration Scenario

The PCs are searching for the entrance to a forgotten system of tunnels that provide access to a point of interest, such as ancient ruins or the dungeons of a nearby castle. Though it begins outdoors, the majority of the scenario is within the caves.


Setting Dungeon
Type Normal
Lighting Dark (except A and D)
   A ~ B - C
       v   v
       D - E - F (goal)


(Region A) The Mountainside
The fierce rocky crags seem a bit less imposing up close than they did from farther away. Somewhere around here should be the entrance to the tunnels. Lightning cracks as the weather takes a turn for the worse; you should probably hurry.
This region's setting is wilderness.
Exit To Obstacle
Boarded-up Entry B Hidden: 1d6

(Region B) The Forgotten Caves
A rickety wooden bridge hangs suspended in these dark caves. You can't see the ground below from the radius of your light.
Exit To Obstacle
Entry A -
East C -
Down D Height 2 fall; -1 damage level from water (2d4)
Cave Bats Respawn: 1; Pursue except to D
Fortune Hidden: 1d8

(Region C) Planks
Unstable wooden planks cross dark openings. There's a rusted ladder at the other side of them.
Exit To Obstacle
West B -
Down E Narrow Platform (Height 2; fall to E)
Fortune Hidden: 1d6

(Region D) Pungent Waters
These frigid, dark, 5ft-deep cave waters are covered in a thin layer of awful-smelling slime.
This region requires swimming.
Exit To Obstacle
East E -
Up B Height 2
Blue Mold
Bones with a key to the Dungeon Entrance Hidden: 1d6

(Region E) Cave Tunnels
Ahead, the open cavern condenses into tight, winding natural cave tunnels.
Exit To Obstacle
Up C Narrow Platform (Height 2)
West D -
East F -
Shallow Pits Hidden: 1d6

(Region F) Castle Dungeons
A collapsed brick wall ahead signifies the end of the caves and entrance to the old dungeons. A locked door guards entry to the rest of the dungeon.
Exit To Obstacle
West E -
East Goal Standard Locked Door
Small Gelatinous Skulk Hidden: 1d8

Two Players

  • As Three Players
  • Swap Cave Bats in B for Fright Beetles
  • Hidden key in D reduced to 1d4
  • Remove Shallow Pits in E

Three Players

Five Players

Six Players


If it is nighttime, region A should also be dark.

If you want a larger scenario with more stuff for the PCs to find, add another region heading south from E, blocked by Winding Tunnels with a Fortune (or specific reward) hidden inside. Since the Winding Tunnels are not a direct threat, consider adding something like Fright Beetles that can pass freely through the Tunnels, or include Noxious Fungi or Wall Darts in the extra region. If you have 5+ players, don't add the Winding Tunnels to E-F in this case.

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