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Fox & Friends

Level 3 Interaction Scenario

Once upon a time there lived a talking fox. This fox lived in its home within a tree, which it loved to share with its best of friends. One day a party of adventurers came blundering into the fox's lair and were shocked to see that it could speak! Aware of their great luck, the adventurers asked the fox all sorts of questions about things, but the fox was sly and cunning and would not give direct answers.

This scenario offers a fresh change of pace and scenery for most adventures. You can play up the fairy tail aspect, make it humorous, add some mystery with vague hints and clues, or (preferably) a combination of the above. This scenario is great for giving the PCs some information about upcoming scenarios that could help them prepare better for the dangers to come.

The fox's friends might be youth from nearby settlements, or they could be fae creatures. Choose whatever works best for your campaign and roleplay them appropriately. Either way, the fox is in charge.


Round Limit 5
Counter Position 0
Conditions Debate counter reaches maximum or all enemies are defeated
Kitchen  -  Seating Circle  -  Bookshelf

Kitchen: Occupying entities cannot play ranged Actions against targets outside this position if there are any enemies also present in this position.
Seating Circle: Opponent Reactions gain Defense: 1d2.
Bookshelf: Recover 1d4 lost WP in place of drawing a card during the Draw Phase. This recovery applies even to entities that don't draw cards, though it doesn't apply to entities that are Muddled.

Opponent Rank Type WP Init
Talking Animal Mini-boss Trickster 38 1d6
Ruffian Regular Antagonist 21 1d8
Fool Mook Trickster 9 1d6
Shrill Objector Mook Debater 9 1d6

Three Players

  • Talking Animal
  • Fool
  • Shrill Objector

Four Players

  • Talking Animal
  • Ruffian
  • Fool
  • Shrill Objector

Five Players

  • Talking Animal
  • Ruffian
  • Fool x2
  • Shrill Objector x2

Starting Positions

  • The PCs begin anywhere they wish.
  • All Opponents begin in the Seating Circle.


Opponents will try to stay in the Seating Circle if possible to enjoy the Defense benefit. If a PC starts taking shots from the Kitchen, a mook will try to Move in to block them.

The Talking Animal will switch targets of Cleverness if possible, mostly to prevent frustration by repeatedly Stunning the same PC.

The Ruffian will Move only if it can target more PCs with Threats and Jabs by doing so.


The PCs get the information they're after, though it may be cryptic and/or in the form of riddles.


The PCs are neither friends of the fox nor considered a serious threat. They get no help. If you fear that frustrated PCs might attack, have the tree lair filled with all manner of traps and defenses that can help the fox and its friends escape.


This scenario is mostly about holding off the PCs until time expires. To add to the Debate Counter threat, swap out any Fools for an equal number of additional Shrill Objectors. For more of a damage-oriented threat (and a somewhat more sinister setup), exchange them for Accomplices instead.

Against five or more PCs, it may be advisable to start the Debate Counter at -1 or -2. However, feel free to adjust the starting parameters based on other considerations, such as how the PCs have treated the forest or what their current Karma values total. Benevolent PCs with good Karma would be expected to enjoy an advantage; however, if your fox is more aligned with unseelie tricksters, this could result in a penalty instead.

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