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-===== Intimidating the Nibelung ===== 
-=== Level 1 Interaction Scenario === 
-The PCs face off against the Nibelung clan leader, hoping to get them to back down in order to avoid a risky battle. This scenario can only be won through damage, though it can be lost through either damage or Counter. To compensate, it has no Round Limit. 
-Most Nibelung become so feral that they lose the ability to communicate (apart from a limited fashion with fellow Nibelung). A few retain adequate sanity and intellect for some simple, broken sentences. One of these typically becomes the clan leader, with the remaining comprising the leader'​s inner circle. This is largely a result of their ability to better communicate with the Unseelie Fallen that created them. A nybling clan that has long been separated from its creator has likely descended into total ferocity, with a scenario such as this being impossible (and the clan leader likely being whoever is the strongest). 
-The Opponents in this scenario are flavored as human by default. You'll need to make some adjustments to properly convey the beastly nature of the Nibelung to the players. See the Tweaks section for recommendations on this. 
-==== Setup ==== 
-^ Round Limit  | -  | 
-^ Counter Position ​ | -3  | 
-^ Conditions ​ | All enemies are defeated ​ | 
-All Actions without Range gain Range: 1. All Actions with Range increase the Range value by 1. 
-Skull Banners ​ -  Hide Kneepads ​ -  The Throne ​ -  Broken Pillar 
-**Skull Banners:** PCs without Fear Resistance suffer 1 damage at the end of their turns.\\ 
-**Hide Kneepads:** Charming Actions and Reactions played from here gain +1 Argue/​Rebuttal dice level. Aggressive and Persuasive Actions and Reactions played from here receive -1 Argue/​Rebuttal dice levels.\\ 
-**The Throne:** Opponents cannot be forced to Move.\\ 
-**Broken Pillar:** No effect.\\ 
-The names for these positions likely suggest loftier concepts than the reality. The skull "​banners"​ are little more than skulls and other bones haphazardly arranged inside of holes within aging stone pillars, while the hide "​kneepads"​ are filthy, bloodstained animal skins tossed about. The "​throne"​ might be a wide smooth rock, or an old rickety chair found in ruins that was still mostly intact. 
-On the other hand, if an Unseelie Fallen is directly administering this clan, the decor might be a bit higher-end, supplied by the fae or its other lackeys. When the Unseelie is here, it takes the throne while the clan leader kneels on the pads. 
-^ Opponent ​ ^  Rank  ^  Type  ^  WP  ^  Init  ^ 
-^ [[analects_book_4_part_3_chapter_2#​tribal_chief|Tribal Chief]] ​ | Level 2 Mini-boss ​ | Antagonist ​ |  35  |  1d8  ^ 
-^ [[analects_book_4_part_3_chapter_2#​tough|Tough]] ​ | Level 2 Regular ​ | Antagonist ​ |  17  |  1d6  ^ 
-^ [[analects_book_4_part_3_chapter_1#​acolyte|Acolyte]] ​ | Regular ​ | Debater ​    ​| ​  ​12 ​ |  1d6   ^ 
-^ [[analects_book_4_part_3_chapter_1#​sycophant|Sycophant]] ​ | Mook      | Trickster ​  ​| ​   7  |  1d4   ^ 
-=== Three Players === 
-  * Tough 
-  * Acolyte 
-  * Sycophant 
-  * (Counter starts at -2; remove Broken Pillar position) 
-=== Four Players === 
-  * Tribal Chief 
-  * Sycophant x2 
-=== Five Players === 
-  * Tribal Chief 
-  * Acolyte 
-  * Sycophant x2 
-  * (Counter starts at -4) 
-=== Starting Positions === 
-  * The PCs may begin in the Skull Banners or Hide Kneepads. 
-  * The Tough or Tribal Chief begins in The Throne (and stays there). 
-  * The Acolyte begins in Skull Banners. 
-  * The Sycophant begins in Hide Kneepads; if present, the second begins in Broken Pillar. 
-==== Tactics ==== 
-The Tribal Chief is extremely dangerous at the beginning of the scenario when both Sycophants are present, with //Brash Insult// capable of a 2d8 Argue for 1d12 Damage. It will open with this, switching to its other Action when one Sycophant is defeated (to try to get the Counter down to the minimum). It will switch back to a damage focus if the Counter reaches 0 or higher. 
-Apart from that, the scenario is rather straightforward,​ particularly with three players. The Acolyte will try to block PC movement, but the Sycophants will not. 
-==== Victory ==== 
-The Nibelung decide they don't want to risk armed conflict with the PCs, bypassing any combat scenario. 
-==== Defeat ==== 
-The Nibelung attack. This should generally lead to a challenging combat scenario. You could use [[scenario_c_throne_of_the_nibelung|Throne of the Nibelung]] as a starting point, adding a few additional mooks and/or following suggestions in the Tweaks section for increasing the difficulty. 
-==== Tweaks ==== 
-You should tweak the default flavor (and some of the Traits) for the Opponents used here so that they represent the beastly Nibelung instead of humans. The Tough is mostly okay as-is, but you may rename its //Petty Dismissal// Reaction to something like //Fanged Scowl//. The Sycophant needs no particular changes, though you might rename the //Echo Chamber// Action to something like //Gleeful Howl// if you want. 
-The Tribal Chief needs more work. First, be sure to rename it to a Clan Leader or Nibelung Chief (or give it a particular name if this nybling has one). The //Appeal to Tradition// Action should be renamed to something like //Thirst for Blood//, noting that the Debate Counter reaching 0 means the Nibelung have decided that giving into their aggressive nature is more important than survival. Change its Trait to Aggressive to match this new approach. The //Cultural Misunderstanding//​ Reaction should be renamed to something like //​Linguistic Misunderstanding//,​ as one would be hard-pressed to find any Nibelung clan with anything approaching a culture, but all communication attempts with even the most intelligent nyblings prove difficult at best. 
-The Acolyte represents a Nibelung caster of some variety (such as a Caller or Chanter) as opposed to an actual religious figure. The Nibelung aren't capable of worshipping any gods, though they often revere their Unseelie creator in a similar fashion. You could rename it to whichever Adversary you might have it represent in battle, or give it a proper name. The //Religious Quote// Action could become //Way of the Nibelung// while //Strong Faith// is renamed to //Hissed Chant//. No Trait or other mechanical changes are necessary. 
-You may wish approaching The Throne to be a poor tactic for the PCs as it makes the clan leader feel more threatened and likely to attack. An easy way to achieve this is to add the following effect to The Throne: Whenever a PC ends their turn in this position, the Debate Counter advances one notch toward defeat; this advancement cannot trigger Assists or Interrupts. This adjustment is highly recommended for the four player setup; otherwise you might have to swap out the Sycophants for Leaders of some kind in order to keep the PCs in the disadvantageous positions (and perhaps force the PCs to all start in Skull Banners). 
-[[dm_s_toolbox_book_3_chapter_1|More level 1 interaction scenarios]] 
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