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Peace Treaty

Level 3 Interaction Scenario

It falls on the PCs to negotiate a peace settlement with the opposing force's warlord. Discussion will occur in an embassy or tent outfit with a table for such diplomatic efforts.

Though the goal is a diplomatic one, the warlord is a belligerent foe that will attempt to strong-arm the PCs rather than engage in typical polite discourse. As a result, the PCs are able to secure victory by out-intimidating their opponent, showing their own strength.


Round Limit 5
Counter Position 0
Conditions Debate counter reaches maximum or all enemies are defeated
West Side  -  Negotiating Table  -  East Side

West / East Side: No effect.
Negotiating Table: PC Actions and Reactions with Damage entries that don't advance the Debate Counter gain Special: Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward victory. Opponent Actions and Reactions with Damage entries that don't advance the Debate Counter gain Special: Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward defeat. Opponent Actions gain Range: 1.

Opponent Rank Type WP Init
Warlord Mini-boss Antagonist 40 1d8
Disciple Regular Trickster 18 1d6
Assistant Mook Leader 10 1d8

Three Players

  • Warlord
  • Assistant x2

Four Players

  • Warlord
  • Disciple
  • Assistant x2

Five Players

  • Warlord
  • Disciple
  • Assistant x4

Starting Positions

  • The PCs begin split evenly in the West Side and East Side.
  • The Warlord begins in the Negotiating Table.
  • The Disciple begins in the Negotiating Table.
  • The Assistants begin split evenly in the West Side and East Side.


The Assistants work to distract the PCs, leaving them open to the Warlord's jabs and claims of rising impatience. They will only abandon their position if it is empty of PCs.

The Warlord will play Rally the Troops so long as no PC has reached the table, but it will switch to Confrontation against one that makes it in. If it can play an Action from its hand, it tends to focus fire both Actions at the same target. Note that the bonus from Rally the Troops applies to any target, not just the one struck by the Action; this can make the Assistants capable of packing a decent punch rather than having negligible output.

The Disciple stays at the table and tries to shut down whichever PC is most effective at moving the Debate Counter. However, it can't resist the urge to debate with a Priest and will thus focus on one of those if available.

Roleplay the Disciple as a trusted advisor to the Warlord, using divinations and soothsaying as a primary means of argument. The Assistants convey the Warlord's will to the PCs, as they are not worthy of direct communication with their leader until proven otherwise (by the PCs overcoming them with Charisma or other tricks).


The PCs succeed at any reasonable negotiation goals. If the PCs win through damage, the Warlord might try to hire them.


The Warlord rejects the agreement. You may have the PCs return with a less favorable agreement secured, or with no agreement at all. Discussion could erupt into a brawl, leading to a combat where the PCs are surrounded in enemy territory. Or the PCs could be taken prisoner, leading to a new set of challenges and adventures.


If you want a more diplomatic discussion, swap the Warlord for an Emissary and remove everything but the Range from the Negotiating Table. Damage won't threaten the PCs anymore; if you would rather it did, you might switch the Disciple for a Ruffian or some Accomplices.

If you want to make it harder to reach the Negotiating Table, add effects in West Side and East Side that increase Charisma dice levels by 1 or 2 when blocking movement. If your party is Range-heavy, you could add an effect to the Negotiating Table that penalizes incoming ranged attacks (but don't outright block them as this could prove frustrating, punishing players for good decisions). Alternatively, swap the Disciple for an Organizer that can protect the Warlord completely for a time. If you do this, change the Assistants for Shrill Objectors.

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