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Red House Harlots

Level 3 Interaction Scenario

Glowing red lanterns identify the function of this upscale business, filled with extravagent decor, potpourri, and stern-looking guards. This is a fairly exclusive service establishment the PCs may find off-limits to them.

The players battle against time in this Defense-heavy scenario. Parties with poor Charisma, low Damage and/or no Piercing, little Range, and no ability to Disorient foes may be in for a slow and rather helpless defeat by Round Limit.

The default flavor of this scenario makes it only suitable for adult groups. However, you can fairly easily adjust the setting if you wish. Alternatively the upscale elements can be readily swapped to something seedier, though it's worth noting that in the standard game world's culture, work of this nature is viewed as perfectly respectable and carefully curated for the safety of all involved. Workers similarly come in a variety of genders for a variety of clients within the same establishment rather than being focused on a singular clientele.


Round Limit 5
Counter Position 0
Conditions Debate counter reaches maximum or all enemies are defeated
Foyer  -  Counter  -  Waiting Area

Foyer: PCs are Impotent while in this position. This condition cannot be removed or bypassed by any means.
Counter: No effect.
Waiting Area: Actions gain Range: 2.

Opponent Rank Type WP Init
Rake Level 4 Regular Leader 22 1d8
Escort Level 4 Mook Leader 11 1d6
Glamoured Beauty Regular Trickster 19 1d6
Smart-ass Level 2 Mook Trickster 8 1d8

Three Players

  • Escort
  • Glamoured Beauty x2
  • Smart-ass

Four Players

  • Rake x2
  • Escort
  • Smart-ass

Five Players

  • Rake x2
  • Escort
  • Glamoured Beauty
  • Smart-ass

Starting Positions

  • The PCs begin in the Foyer.
  • The Escort begins in the Foyer.
  • The Rakes and/or Glamoured Beauties begin in the Counter.
  • The Smart-ass begins in the Waiting Area.


The Escort is essentially the door guard and must stay put in the Foyer. It will try to block all PC movement no matter what and is otherwise passive.

Unless multiple PCs have already made it past the Foyer, the first Rake to act will move into the Foyer to greet the PCs (and further block their movement, given that they aren't here for the typical reasons) while the second remains behind. Any Glamoured Beauties present will stay in the Counter, only following PCs into the Waiting Area.

The Smart-ass stays in the Waiting Area and plays Wisecrack against a random PC target.

Roleplaying Notes

The Rakes and Glamoured Beauties represent some of the service employees of the red house. As such, the standard interpretation of their plays (indeed, the default ones assumed in their write-up flavor) suggests attraction and seduction. As with the Seduction expertise card, however, this should not be assumed for every play. In particular, do not force a player's character to be interested in an NPC that they would not in fact be interested in, no matter how the dice roll.

Instead, either include NPCs that would be capable of provoking such interest (and choose your targets appropriately), or simply reinterpret the plays. These NPC individuals, through their professional experience dealing with a wide variety of people (not to mention their magical affects), are talented communicators and broadly charismatic people who can manipulate the PCs in more than just one way. If you're going with the default flavor, an upscale place like this certainly offers more than just one service. Additionally, if the PCs are here for particular information, the NPCs likely suspect this and are working to gauge the PCs' real intentions and trustworthiness on their own. They may employ a face of welcoming friendship in order to relax a PC into saying too much or to conceal their own intentions.

Regarding the Smart-ass, play it as a patron that finds something amusing or distasteful about the PCs. It could be that they're outsiders, wanderers, not following the usual social protocols, or any number of other reasons. Try adding some specific humor to the scene by determining the reason ahead of time and preparing some slick lines (or intentionally very bad ones) to deliver with Wisecrack plays.


The PCs are able to get the information they need, or are at least allowed within the premises to continue their investigations.


The PCs are kicked out of the building; if they don't go willingly, armed guards will arrive quickly as such places are always prepared to protect employees and clients against the belligerent.


The Escort may be too much for many level 3 parties to handle, and it may not be appropriate if your PCs are allowed in already. In either case, use two or three Gossips instead; these could represent either talkative clients or daft employees that have no useful information to share.

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