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Suspicious Village Folk

Level 1 Interaction Scenario

The party has questions that needs answers, but the fearful and suspicious villagers don't want to talk. The PCs must convince at least one of them with useful information to trust them.

Because the villagers are avoiding the PCs, the Round Limit is short. The PCs must work to extend it, beseeching the peasantry for just a few more moments of time.


Round Limit 3
Counter Position -1
Conditions Counter reaches maximum (#PCs + 2) or all enemies are defeated
Eatery  -  Streets  -  Market

Eatery: PCs draw an additional card at the start of their turn but cannot spend their Strategy Phase to draw another card.
Streets: No effect.
Market: PCs may cancel a notch of Debate Counter advancement toward victory to increase the Round Limit by 1.
* Entities in the Eatery cannot affect entities in the Market and vice-versa, despite any Range.

Opponent Rank Type WP Init
Local Elder Mini-boss Debater 26 1d8
Rascal Level 2 Regular Antagonist 17 1d6
Acolyte Regular Debater 12 1d6
Simpleton Mook Antagonist 8 1d4

Two Players

  • Acolyte
  • Simpleton x2
  • Round Limit: 4
  • Counter Position: 0

Three Players

  • Local Elder
  • Simpleton x2

Four Players

  • Local Elder
  • Rascal
  • Simpleton

Five Players

  • Local Elder
  • Rascal x2

Six Players

  • Local Elder
  • Acolyte
  • Rascal x2

Starting Positions

  • The PCs may begin anywhere.
  • The Local Elder and any Acolyte begin in the Streets.
  • Remaining Opponents are split between Market and Eatery.


The NPCs aren't interested in talking, so they observe no particular strategy. For the most part they won't move from their starting positions, even if it means they waste their turns. If the Market is empty, consider attempting to move the Local Elder there to give the PCs more chances to boost the Round Limit without having to rely on rare ranged Actions.


Through threats or honeyed words, the PCs convince the elder to speak with them and give them the information they seek. The elder may also give them a reward to aid them on their journey, such as a vial of Talespinner's Ink.


The PCs are unable to get the villagers to talk. Such a resolution might grind your adventure to a halt if the PCs need information to know how to continue. In that case, you'll want to trigger a negative event that moves things along. For instance, perhaps agents of your villain see the PCs roaming the village and ambush them; the PCs win the ensuing melee easily (skipping the need for a combat scenario), but they each suffered an Injury during the ambush. The elder witnesses the events and becomes convinced the PCs can help, giving them the information they need.


This scenario can be quite challenging for low numbers of PCs that have difficulty moving the counter. You might increase the starting position or bump the Round Limit to accommodate. However, don't be afraid to let your players fail; just have a good plan for how to move things forward in case of defeat!

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