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A section is a division of the battle map used in combat scenarios. Sections are distinguished from each other by borders. Hard borders, such as walls or other physical obstructions, prevent movement or require special movement to cross, while soft borders simply denote transitions between sections and can be crossed normally. By convention, hard borders are drawn with solid lines, while soft borders are drawn with dotted lines.

Each entity occupies one section within combat, though particularly large entities may, at the DM's discretion, occupy multiple sections at once. Melee Actions can usually only be played against targets in the same occupied section, though Reach values permit targeting entities within the provided range.

Reach, Thrown, and Range Actions may be played against targets in other occupied sections. Such Actions have a value listed after the property, such as Thrown 2. This value is the number of section borders (almost always soft borders only) that may be crossed in order to find a target. If there are multiple potential lines to draw from one section to another with differing borders, the entity playing the Action can choose which to use from among those that satisfy the permitted range.

Battle maps should avoid the use of corners, or points where three or more soft section borders intersect. Corners may be avoided by using hex-style section layouts or by placing hard obstructions, such as pillars, at the point of intersection. If corners cannot be avoided, they should be not be treated as a connection. That is, entities, ranged attacks, etc may not cross corners.

Sections can have various properties that apply special rules. For illumination rules, see lit, dark, and shadowy. For swimming rules, see the section in the Player's Guide. For elevation changes between sections, see Height.

For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 4: Combat.

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