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A Revolutionary RPG of Dice, Cards, and Imagination

Triptycho is a tabletop RPG that brings fresh and exciting ideas to the genre. Exploring intriguing locales and interacting with interesting characters both get as much focus, detail, and support in the gameplay as fighting. Deck-based character building makes the game easy to learn, engaging to play, and endlessly customizable.

Battle vicious monsters with your combat deck, traverse dangerous landscapes with your exploration deck, and talk your way out of serious trouble with your interaction deck. Work together as a team to face one of the greatest varieties of challenges to ever grace an RPG.

If you're a beginner, you'll pick up and play quickly and easily with pre-made decks. If you're a veteran of RPGs or collectable card games, you'll feel right at home customizing each of your decks to build precisely the character you want to play. Open narratives and strong improvisation support ensure that agency remains in the hands of the players.

Triptycho is an independent game currently in design and development. We're offering public playtests at certain conventions if you want a sneak-peek of the game in its current form. We listen carefully to all feedback and incorporate it into the next version of the game's evolution, so come and take part in the process!

Pardon Our Dust!

As with the game itself, the website for Triptycho is currently under development. For now we have this wiki containing the current draft of rules for the game.

For news & updates regarding Triptycho's development and public playtest events, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

How To Play

Playing the Game

Want to jump in quick? The Quick Start Guide will teach you how to play a standard game with level 1 characters with just the minimal rules needed for basic play. Then, follow the steps of the Character Creation Guide to make a character and start playing! Don't have any cards? Check out the rules for playing without decks.

Ready to level up, or want something more comprehensive? Try the Player's Guide for all the details on making characters, playing scenarios, and equipping items.

Running the Game

Want to know how to run the game yourself? Check out one of the two guides above, then read the DM's Guide. This guide teaches you how to run scenarios and campaigns and even craft your own. Then, head over to the DM's Toobox for scenarios and short adventures to use or modify for your home games as you see fit.


Looking for tables of equipment, enemies, and more? The Analects has everything you need for building characters and scenarios without having to own or look for the cards.

The contents of this wiki are available for public viewing but protected by full copyright. Do not republish any text within this wiki without the express written consent of the developer. You may not use this material to create derivative works.

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