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 +===== Stealth =====
 +Stealth is a type of [[exploration|exploration]] [[scenario|scenario]] used to model efforts to sneak through an area.
 +Follow the Visibility rules for normal scenarios. Note that using light sources to illuminate [[dark|dark]] [[region|regions]] usually results in immediate defeat if a [[Seeker|Seeker]] can see the light (from within the region or an adjacent unblocked region, for example). Individual scenarios will specify any particular rules for this.
 +===Special Rules===
 +Stealth scenarios are primarily distinguised by the presence of [[Seeker|Seekers]] and the use of [[Stealth Token|Stealth Tokens]]; see those sections for further details.
 +Many stealth scenarios also have unique rules to limit activities that would automatically result in the [[PC|PCs]] getting caught. For instance, defeating doors through EP (bashing them down) may be disallowed, with [[lockpick|lockpicks]] or keys being the only option for bypassing such [[Obstacle|Obstacles]]. The [[DM|DM]] should announce any special rules for a given scenario.
 +For more information,​ see [[Player'​s Guide Chapter 5|Player'​s Guide Chapter 5: Exploration]].
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