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The Strategy Phase

The Strategy Phase occurs second in the turn sequence of scenarios and is used for performing various tactical activites. Specifically, an entity can perform any one of the following operations:

  1. Draw another card. If the entity has no cards left to draw, they instead shuffle their discard pile back into their deck (and do not draw a card).
  2. Play a Strategy, either as a card from hand or an entry on equipped Gear or an enemy's text.
  3. Change equipment, swapping any one Gear for another of the same slot, or simply removing the Gear without equipping something new in its place. Two one-handed pieces of Gear can be removed simultaneously, and two one-handed pieces of Gear may be equipped if the slots are available. Armor and Clothing cannot be changed within a scenario unless otherwise specified (this is most frequently permitted in exploration). In combat or exploration, an entity can also pick up an object from the ground as a part of this operation. In combat or exploration, an entity can drop Gear on the ground or hand it to an ally even if it is equipped; doing so is free and does not require spending the Strategy Phase (except to equip something new in its place).
  4. Combat only: Block a border or multiple borders in the occupied section.

For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 3: Scenarios.

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