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 +===== Trap =====
 +Trap is a role for [[Challenge|Challenges]] in [[exploration|exploration]] [[scenario|scenarios]]. Traps cannot [[Move|Move]] and cannot be seen from adjacent unblocked [[region|regions]]. Most Traps are [[Hidden|Hidden]],​ only revealed through a successful [[Search|Search]] or upon playing an [[Interrupt|Interrupt]].
 +Traps function primarily through Interrupts, which tend to trigger from events such as a [[PC|PC]] entering a region, playing an [[Action|Action]],​ performing a Search, etc. Many Interrupts on Traps then instruct the Trap to play an Action against the triggering PC.
 +Traps have no EP totals and cannot be defeated through damage. The can be subject to [[Player'​s Guide Appendix A|conditions]],​ however, and they cannot generally play [[Reaction|Reactions]] to prevent this.
 +For more information,​ see [[Player'​s Guide Chapter 5|Player'​s Guide Chapter 5: Exploration]] and [[DM's Guide Chapter 3|DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios]].
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