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 +===== Valuables =====
 +Valuables represent precious objects, gems, bags of coin, and similar objects of value that exist primarily to be sold. Valuables are commonly found as rewards in [[exploration|exploration]] but may be obtained through other means as well.
 +Valuables may be sold at an exchange rate of 5 Valuables for 1 [[wealth|Wealth]]. Valuables may also be given away at an exchange rate of 4 Valuables for 1 [[karma|Karma]]. Finally, Valuables may be purchased at a rate of 3 Valuables for 1 Wealth. This is the only instance in which buying and selling values are separate from each other by default in Triptycho.
 +For more information,​ see [[Player'​s Guide Chapter 5|Player'​s Guide Chapter 5: Exploration]],​ [[Player'​s Guide Chapter 7|Player'​s Guide Chapter 7: Gear and Wealth]], and [[analects_book_5_chapter_1|the Analects]].
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