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A Weapon is a type of Gear equipped in one or both hand slots. Weapons are used strictly in combat scenarios. Weapons commonly provide Actions to play, but other entries may also be available.

Training is required to equip a Weapon. Weapons come in three categories of classifications: light and heavy, one and two-handed, and melee and ranged. Training that specifies only one category grants the ability to equip all Weapons with that classification regardless of the other categories. For instance, training in Light Weapons grants the ability to equip Light One-handed Melee Weapons and Light Two-handed Ranged Weapons. Training is commonly provided by a Class.

Each Weapon includes a type keyword, such as Dagger, Spear, or Sword. Apart from swimming rules, this type has no base function. However, some cards and Gear offer particular effects for a certain type of Weapon.

Action entries on Weapons can be enhanced by adding an Enchantment.

For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 7: Gear and Wealth.

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