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Extra Effect

An Extra Effect is a special entry provided on Enchantment, Ritual, Augment, and Magic. They provide a text description of a special ability gained whenever the card is equipped (if Gear) or shuffled into a PC's deck. Unless otherwise indicated, PCs can use these abilities once per rest if they have the Gear equipped (or in their decks for Magic cards). Having multiple copies of the same Extra Effect source (equipped or in a deck) does not grant additional uses of this extra ability.

Some Extra Effects are very specific in their mechanical function when used within scenarios. Others are much more open-ended, expected to be used primarily in the narrative portion of the game. For the latter, the DM will determine if and how to apply these when used within a scenario. This may result in the use of Improvisation or other specific bonuses if a DM decides to allow it. Players should be specific in how they're intending to apply such an Extra Effect. The DM may deny any in-scenario use of Extra Effects that do not detail their mechanical effects in order to avoid confusion and keep the game moving along.

Unless specified in the text or used as part of Improvisation, no particular play (such as a Strategy or Action) is required to activate an Extra Effect within a scenario (Magic card type is ignored).

Within scenarios. a PC may use an applicable Extra Effect of any Magic card in any of their decks without having to have the card in hand. It is recommended to copy the Extra Effect text of Magic cards included in decks onto an index card or other easily-referenced material so that players always have a list of their available options in front of them.

Each Extra Effect can be used once per rest unless it declares that its effect is constant or has unlimited use, in which case the effect is always active or may be used without limit, respectively. Many Extra Effects that are activated rather than constant list a duration for how long the effect lasts.

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