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Analects Book 1 Chapter 8: Accessories

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The following tables provide a collection of Accessories you may purchase or equip. For more information on their use in the game, see Player's Guide Chapter 7: Gear and Wealth.

Accessories Table

Accessory Entries

Anchor Horseshoes

You can climb even if your mount normally prevents you from doing so. However, you cannot gain any climbing-related benefits from tools while mounted.

Anchor Horseshoes Accessory Wealth: 2
These enchanted devices allow a large beast to scale walls and steep slopes. Training the mount in their use can be a bit of a hassle.

Angel Charm

At the start of a scenario, before drawing initial cards, you may choose to transfer up to 1/4 of your maximum HP, EP, or WP (rounded down) to one willing ally until the scenario ends.

Angel Charm Accessory Wealth: 1 Treasure
This wondrous charm gains its power only from willing sacrifice, making it extremely difficult to make and trade.

Anklet of Summer

Gain Heat Resistance 2 and Cold Resistance 1.

Anklet of Summer Accessory Wealth: 3
This beautiful golden anklet regulates temperature, though it's more effective against warmth than cold.

Anklet of Winter

Gain Cold Resistance 2 and Heat Resistance 1.

Anklet of Winter Accessory Wealth: 3
This gorgeous silver anklet regulates temperature, though it's more effective against cold than warmth.


Gain an additional Item slot in exploration scenarios. You can still only swap 1 Item at a time as a Strategy.

Backpack Accessory Wealth: 1
Common traveler packs are little more than baskets with straps attached. Waterproof leather bags with compartments make for better journeys.


Gain an additional Item slot in combat scenarios. You can still only swap 1 Item at a time as a Strategy.

Baldric Accessory Wealth: 1
Most baldrics are used to store weapons, though this particular shoulder belt has small pouches and attachments for vials and other useful items.

Belt Lamp

Belt Lamp Accessory Wealth: 2
This small lantern holds and protects a candle. It's small enough to fit on one's belt, freeing the hands for other tasks. However, it provides minimal light.
(Action) Light
The Belt Lamp is lit. While the Belt Lamp is lit, it provides light to its occupied section, or you may treat your occupied region as if it were lit.
(Strategy) Douse
The Belt Lamp is no longer lit.

Belt Pouch

Gain an additional Item slot in interaction scenarios. You can still only swap 1 Item at a time as a Strategy.

Belt Pouch Accessory Wealth: 1
This handy pouch is both a useful storage device and a fashion statement. But beware pickpockets, for no pouch string can keep them at bay.

Bold Insignia

Whenever an enemy's Aggressive Action or Reaction played against you causes the Debate Counter to advance toward defeat, roll 1d2. On a result of 2, the Debate Counter does not advance toward defeat.

Bold Insignia Accessory Wealth: 2
Badges and symbols claiming membership with powerful families or organizations can make others think twice about being belligerent or rude.

Boots of Walking

Gain Fatigue Resistance 2 and Fear Resistance 1.

Boots of Walking Accessory Wealth: 3
Some boots are made for horseback riding, mountain climbing, or labor, but these? These boots are made for walking.

Bracelets of Zeal

When you spend Karma to play a card from your hand, you can add your level to the results of any dice rolled on that card.

Bracelets of Zeal Accessory Wealth: 4
Becoming a master requires a thousand hours of practice and experience. Becoming a champion requires that as well as luck and divine grace.

Brass Locket

Whenever you recover WP, increase the amount gained by 1.

Brass Locket Accessory Wealth: 2
Cherished memories can give you the resolve to press on when otherwise you might give in to hopelessness or apathy.

Clouded Pendant

Gain Lightning Resistance 1. You may play the Strategy below once per combat scenario.

Clouded Pendant Accessory Wealth: 2
Energies swirl within this enchanted pendant, awaiting another bolt of lightning to absorb.
(Strategy) Fog of War
Entities cannot see into, out of, or through your occupied section until the start of your next turn. This effect follows you into new sections.

Crest of Piety

Increase your Defense dice levels by 1 against Charming enemy Actions and Reactions.

Crest of Piety Accessory Wealth: 2
This reminder of devoted faith reinforces your will against temptations brought about by the worldly and the lascivious.

Defier's Mantilla

Gain Holy Resistance 2 and Unholy Resistance 1.

Defier's Mantilla Accessory Wealth: 3
This shoulder cape is similar to one worn by atheist clerics as part of their uniform. The magics offer protection from divinity, though the devout find it difficult to wear.


Cancel the first Power or Resilience reduction suffered in each interaction scenario.

Disguise Accessory Wealth: 2
Making a proper disguise requires an abundance of cloth, sewing equipment, and accessories. Makeup and magic masks certainly help.

Enchanted Whetstone

Whenever you play an Action from an equipped Weapon that is not enchanted, add your level to the results of any one dice entry and half your level (rounded down) to the results of each other dice entry. Choose which to apply before rolling any dice. The Weapon is then considered to be enchanted until the play is resolved.

Enchanted Whetstone Accessory Wealth: 4
This magic whetstone conveys its power onto mundane weaponry. Similar devices exist for non-bladed weapons.

Eyepatch of Fables

Gain Fear Resistance 2 and Fatigue Resistance 1.

Eyepatch of Fables Accessory Wealth: 3
The plethora of tales and legends that feature heroic figures sporting an eyepatch like this one fuels its power as much as its woven enchantments do.

Festival Mask

When an enemy plays a Comical Action or Reaction against you, you may change the trait of your opposing Reaction or Action to any desired trait.

Festival Mask Accessory Wealth: 2
This strange mask conceals your facial expressions, making it very difficult for others to tell if their jokes and barbs have had the intended effect.

Flashy Jewelry

Increase your Rebuttal dice number by 1 when playing a Reaction against an Action that can reduce your Mind.

Flashy Jewelry Accessory Wealth: 2
You ensure to adorn yourself at a level suitable for your desirability, both for appearance as well as to communicate how difficult it is to impress you.


Reduce enemy Defense results by 1 whenever you play a melee or thrown Action from an equipped Weapon. This does not stack with any other effects that reduce enemy Defense results.

Gauntlets Accessory Wealth: 1
Proper shielding for your hands and fingers makes it easier to go on the offensive against a dangerous foe.

Gauntlets of Force

Reduce enemy Defense results by 2 whenever you play a melee or thrown Action from an equipped Weapon. This does not stack with any other effects that reduce enemy Defense results.

Gauntlets of Force Accessory Wealth: 3
In addition to providing shielding for the hands and wrists, these magic gauntlets add a bit more penetrating force when your blows strike armor.

Gauntlets of Power

Reduce enemy Defense results by 3 whenever you play a melee or thrown Action from an equipped Weapon. This does not stack with any other effects that reduce enemy Defense results.

Gauntlets of Power Accessory Wealth: 5
These enchanted metal gloves convey magic onto your weapon, enhancing its ability to penetrate enemy defenses.

Golden Crown

Whenever you win a Charisma roll, deal damage equal to your level to the losing entity.

Golden Crown Accessory Wealth: 3
Wearing a crown such as this is a bold, audacious statement. Best hope you can match it with equivalent action and presence.

Helpful Bag

You may swap an equipped Item instead of drawing a card in your Draw Phase.

Helpful Bag Accessory Wealth: 2
This magic bag always knows what you're searching for and makes sure to put it right at the top where it's easy to grab.

Hero Medal

Gain Fear Resistance 1. At the beginning of life-or-death scenarios, increase the base value of your lowest Stat Track by 1; if multiple Tracks tie for lowest, choose one.

Hero Medal Accessory Wealth: 2
These enchanted medals are often awarded for acts of heroism, creating a bit of a catch-22 for cowardly would-be heroes that need such things.

Hiking Boots

Whenever you recover EP, increase the amount gained by 1.

Hiking Boots Accessory Wealth: 2
With proper, high-quality footwear, you can travel farther before becoming exhausted, and you're less likely to take a bad tumble.

Holy Symbol

Gain Unholy Resistance 1. Whenever a Stat Track resets from -5 to its base value due to the penalty applying, gain +1 to all your other Stat Tracks.

Holy Symbol Accessory Wealth: 2
These blessed discs can only be successfully consecrated by the most pure of the gods' priests, making them embarrassingly rare.

Hooks and Attachments

You can treat one equipped two-handed Tool as though it were one-handed.

Hooks and Attachments Accessory Wealth: 2
These accessories of questionable fashion value are found frequently in mechanist societies, even when there is little need of their actual utility.

Leather Bracers

Increase the Range of all entries on equipped Bows by 1.

Leather Bracers Accessory Wealth: 2
These arm-guards protect your forearm from bowstring-inflicted injury. This permits a stronger pull and thus lets you achieve greater distance.

Luck Charm

When you roll initiative and dislike the result, you can roll again with the dice level decreased by 1. You must keep the second result even if it is worse. You can only do this once per scenario.

Luck Charm Accessory Wealth: 1
When you can bend even luck to your favor, there is literally nothing left you cannot prepare for in some manner.

Metal Bullets

Increase all Damage dice of equipped Slings by 1 level. Reduce the Range of all entries on equipped Slings by 1.

Metal Bullets Accessory Wealth: 2
This heavier form of sling ammunition is commonly made from lead, though iron or other materials may also be used.


Whenever you recover HP, increase the amount gained by 1.

Pauldrons Accessory Wealth: 2
This metal armor covers the shoulders and parts of the upper chest and back. Gladiators sometimes wear this without any other torso armor at all.

Periapt of Burn Shielding

Gain Fire Resistance 2 and Lightning Resistance 1.

Periapt of Burn Shielding Accessory Wealth: 3
This enchanted amulet protects the skin from severe burns, both from fire as well as electricity.

Periapt of Danger Screening

Gain Poison Resistance 2 and Acid Resistance 1.

Periapt of Danger Screening Accessory Wealth: 3
This enchanted amulet defends its wearer against harmful toxins and other substances dangerous to touch or inhale.

Periapt of Foul Guarding

Gain Acid Resistance 2 and Poison Resistance 1.

Periapt of Foul Guarding Accessory Wealth: 3
The magics within this untarnished amulet neutralize caustic and acidic substances and lessen the effects of venoms and other harmful substances.

Periapt of Shock Blocking

Gain Lightning Resistance 2 and Fire Resistance 1.

Periapt of Shock Blocking Accessory Wealth: 3
Spells woven into this amulet dampen the intensities of incoming electricity and flames.

Periapt of Water Warding

Gain Ice Resistance 2. You do not gain Cold or Lightning Weakness when wet, nor do you suffer any penalties to climbing or Acrobatics from being wet.

Periapt of Water Warding Accessory Wealth: 3
Arcane fields from this amulet separate the water in and on the wearer from that outside. It's inadequate to offer swimming assistance, but it offers good shielding from ice and keeps the skin from becoming more conductive.

Poison Darts

Increase all Damage dice of equipped Blowguns by 1 level and change the damage type to Poison.

Poison Darts Accessory Wealth: 3
These darts have been specially treated with potent poisons extracted from mushrooms. Handle with extreme care.

Riding Boots

When using your Strategy Phase to swap Gear, you may equip or unequip a Mount in addition to making another legal Gear change.

Riding Boots Accessory Wealth: 1
There are several types of riding boots intended for different types of mounts - common horse boots, uncommon bear boots, and rare dragon boots.

Ring of the Hierophant

Add 2 to your Power value for your interaction deck.

Ring of the Hierophant Accessory Wealth: 3 Treasure
Though associated with powerful head priest figures, this enchanted ring grants magic power to anyone capable enough to master its secrets.

Ring of the Planeswalker

Add 2 to your Power value for your exploration deck.

Ring of the Planeswalker Accessory Wealth: 3 Treasure
This ring was designed to empower those who explore the magnificence of the stars, venture into the realms of the fae, and brave the horrors of the hells.

Ring of the Sage

Add 1 to your Power values for each deck.

Ring of the Sage Accessory Wealth: 3 Treasure
Wise sages certainly benefit from the broad powers conferred by this magic ring, but so too do those who wish for such wisdom and have not yet acquired it.

Ring of the Spellsword

Add 2 to your Power value for your combat deck.

Ring of the Spellsword Accessory Wealth: 3 Treasure
The secrets for crafting this ring were lost with the fall of Pheron. Few still exist, and they are so coveted by evildoers that most traders will refuse to purchase them, no matter how precious.

Ring of Wardrobes

When you swap Gear within scenarios, you may choose Clothing as the slot to swap. If you have multiple Clothing slots, you may swap any or all of them at once.

Ring of Wardrobes Accessory Wealth: 2
Most varieties of this ring provide a smooth and subtle transition of garments, but some draw attention with shimmering color and flashing light.

Runner's Bands

Gain Fatigue Resistance 1. Once per scenario, at the start of your turn, increase your Move speed by 1 until the end of your turn. This does not stack with any bonuses to speed from Mounts.

Runner's Bands Accessory Wealth: 2
Athletes covet these enchanted bands for their stamina-enhancing properties. They are of course banned in most competitions.

Sanctified Capuche

Gain Unholy Resistance 2 and Holy Resistance 1.

Sanctified Capuche Accessory Wealth: 3
This blessed, pointed hood defends the wearer against demonic threats and magics as well as lessening the impact of potential friendly fire from holy sources. Evil beings find this difficult to wear.

Sapphire Ring

Gain Ice Resistance 1. Whenever you roll Evasion Dice and lose the opposed roll with a tie, you may immediately take a full Strategy Phase.

Sapphire Ring Accessory Wealth: 2
The stone in this ring is not true sapphire. Rather, the enchantment process creates the sapphire-like appearance in the focus stone.

Scholar's Monocle

Scholar's Monocle Accessory Wealth: 3
This enchanted monocle allows the wearer to behold useful information for analyzing a situation. Doing so leaves one momentarily vulnerable, though.
(Reaction) Analysis
Draw a card. In interaction scenarios, this Reaction has the Persuasive Trait.

Sheath of Throwing

Whenever you throw a Weapon, you may draw a card.

Sheath of Throwing Accessory Wealth: 2
This magical sheath can hold many weapons, making it favored by those who specialize in throwing them.

Silvered Quarrels

Increase all Damage dice of equipped Crossbows by 1 level and change the damage type to Holy.

Silvered Quarrels Accessory Wealth: 3
These undead-hunting crossbow bolts have been coated with a layer of silver blessed by devout priests.

Skull Cap

Once per combat, you may force an enemy to reroll one Damage roll made against you. The second result is used, even if it is higher.

Skull Cap Accessory Wealth: 3
This metal skull cap, more specifically known as a cerveilliere, can be worn beneath a coif or larger metal helm to provide extra protection.

Sludge Gloves

Gain Acid Resistance 1. Whenever you roll Defense as part of an Action and dislike the result, you may reroll it and keep the second result.

Sludge Gloves Accessory Wealth: 2
These alchemically-treated leather gloves are highly resistant to corrosives. As such they're found regularly in alchemical labs.

Soulstone of Celerity

Soulstone of Celerity Accessory Wealth: 1 Treasure
The art of making these mystical stones has long since been lost. The cost to the soul in their use makes enchanters loathe to pursue rediscovery.
(Strategy) Fleet Foot
Pay 1 Karma: Until the end of the scenario, your Move speed increases by 1.

Soulstone of Charm

Soulstone of Charm Accessory Wealth: 1 Treasure
Legends of this stone tell of bearers that enjoyed great favor in personal life but fell early to grim tragedy.
(Strategy) Force of Personality
Pay 1 Karma: Until the end of the scenario, your Actions and Reactions that lack a Special entry gain Special: Advance the Debate Counter one notch toward victory.

Soulstone of Rage

Soulstone of Rage Accessory Wealth: 1 Treasure
This unusual stone draws its power directly from its bearer's soul. The mark it leaves is usually temporary, but stories tell of bleaker outcomes.
(Strategy) Fury's Hammer
Pay 1 Karma: Until the end of the scenario, you can reroll each Damage roll once and choose which result to keep.

Spectacles of Insight

Whenever an enemy plays a Persuasive Action against you, draw a card. Draw the card before selecting a Reaction to play. If the Reaction you choose is not discarded after played, you must discard a card (if able).

Spectacles of Insight Accessory Wealth: 2
The object of the enchantment needn't be worn on the eyes. Rather, spectacles are chosen due to their association and popularity with scholarly pursuit.

Sylvan Cosmetics

Increase your Rebuttal dice number by 1 when playing a Reaction against an Action that can reduce your Skill.

Sylvan Cosmetics Accessory Wealth: 2
These rare materials must be sourced from pocket faery realms. The beauty they provide is formal, ageless, and otherworldly.

Tailoring Kit

Gain an additional Clothing slot.

Tailoring Kit Accessory Wealth: 2
Peasants learn basic tailoring techniques out of necessity. Higher classes learn it for trade, hobby, or vanity.

Unholy Symbol

Gain Holy Resistance 1. Whenever a Stat Track resets from +5 to its base value due to the bonus applying, gain +1 to any one other Stat Track.

Unholy Symbol Accessory Wealth: 2
These warding devices are most often created from desecrated holy symbols, for the curses of the unholy rarely offer succor.

Wyrmhunter's Belt

Gain Fire Resistance 1. Your Defense dice against Area Attacks cannot be reduced below d2 by Piercing.

Wyrmhunter's Belt Accessory Wealth: 2
The lofty common name for this enchanted belt suggests images of valiant dragon-slaying. For most wearers, that's rather unlikely.

Zen Soulstone

Zen Soulstone Accessory Wealth: 1 Treasure
This soulstone temporarily deadens the bearer's emotions, permitting calm fixation upon the task at hand. Hopefully the effects are only temporary.
(Strategy) Inner Peace
Pay 1 Karma: Until the end of the scenario, you can reroll each Accuracy Dice roll once and choose the result to keep.
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