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Analects Book 2 Chapter 2: Destinies

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The following entries provide a collection of Destinies you may choose from. For more information on their use in the game, see Player's Guide Chapter 2: Roles and Levels.

Destiny Entries


Cancel the first two levels of Stat Track loss you suffer each scenario.

Chosen Destiny +1 Mind
You have been hand-picked by one of the gods to serve their divine purpose, and you have accepted this charge. In exchange you have been granted greater powers.
(Action) Blessed Walk
This Action can only be played against Obstacles. Immediately gain +1 Fatigue and Fear Resistance until the start of your next turn.
Inflict 2d6
Damage 1d8


Whenever you roll the maximum value in an opposed roll, gain +1 Power.

Daredevil Destiny +1 Power +1 Skill -1 Resilience
Where some rely on power, skill, or knowledge, it is daring alone that will etch your name into the legends.
(Action) Dramatic Stunt
This Action can only be played against Obstacles. If you miss, deal the listed Damage to yourself.
Inflict 1d20
Damage 1d8
Special Gain +1 Fear Resistance until the end of your next turn.


Your Charisma rolls gain +1d4. After you suffer typed damage that you lack Resistance to, gain +2 Resistance to that type until the end of the scenario.

Fae-loved Destiny +1 Mind +1 Skill -1 Power
Whether from a broad alliance or an intimate personal relationship, a deep allegiance with the fae confers all sorts of powers and advantages that only strengthen with time.
(Action) Greater Affinity
In settings other than wilderness, this Action can only be played against Obstacles. Immediately gain +1 Cold and Heat Resistance until the start of your next turn.
Inflict 2d4
Damage 1d8

General of Legend

Increase your Initiative dice levels by 1. Gain Training in any one of the following: Heavy Melee Weapons, Heavy Ranged Weapons, Medium Armor, Light Shields, any one Implement type.

General of Legend Destiny +1 Power +1 Resilience -1 Skill
Your study of tactics has made you one of the premier minds in the field, and your genius will see you and your friends through the incredible trials that await you.
(Action) Make a Path
This Action can only be played against Obstacles.
Inflict 2d4
Damage 1d8
Special The target suffers -1 Resilience.


Whenever you succeed on a Skill Dice opposed roll, you may draw a card and look at any one enemy's hand.

Guildmaster Destiny +1 Skill
Your organization has expanded to the point where your power and influence are felt across the borders of nations. There is little you can't learn about or make happen.
(Action) Urbane Mastery
In settings other than civilization, this Action can only be played against Obstacles.
Inflict 2d4
Damage 1d10

Hero of the People

Keep your original Background. Choose a second Background. Effects, including base Stat changes, apply from both. You may play Actions from both of them during your Action Phase.

Hero of the People Destiny No Stat Changes
You will never forget where you came from. Your humanity is the sole source of your strength, and your connection with loved ones will help you overcome anything.


Damage of your level or lower cannot cause you to lose your Incantation, and any Defense dice on your Gear, including any enhancement dice, cannot be reduced below 1d2 by Piercing.

Maven Destiny +1 Mind +1 Skill -1 Resilience
Your singular focus on improvement of skill has opened the door to secrets of surpassing typical human limitations. An entire new world of possibility awaits you.
(Action) Master's Approach
This Action can only be played against Obstacles.
Inflict 2d4
Damage 1d8
Special Gain +1 to your Endure dice levels against Environs and Traps until the start of your next turn.


Whenever you must roll dice in order to Move or escape a Grab, add +1d6 to the roll. Gain Training in any one type of Exploration Expertise. You can play Actions from Expertise against Obstacles that normally cannot be played against Obstacles, and you can ignore any setting restrictions on Expertise. Increase your Search dice level by 1.

Peregrine Destiny +1 Resilience
Extensive journeys have taught you many of the secrets this world has to offer. Continued exploration will only deepen your understanding of these mysteries.


You may skip your Strategy Phase in order to grant an ally an immediate Strategy Phase as though it is their turn. Afterward, turn order proceeds to your Action Phase as normal.

Sovereign Destiny +1 Power
Whether a city-state, nation, or empire, you have attained the highest rank of leadership. From this point forward, every decision you make will permanently affect history.
(Action) Retinue
You can only play this Action if you have at least 1 ally in your occupied region.
Inflict 2d6
Damage 1d8
Special Until the start of your next turn, Creatures and Seekers will only play Actions against you if there is no other valid target or their Actions target multiple entities.
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