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Village Politics

Level 1 Interaction Scenario

PCs are involved with a discussion with village leadership within the local town hall. Perhaps the PCs are trying to convince the villagers of some threat to their safety, or maybe they're seeking the village's help with some greater task.


Round Limit 4
Counter Position 0
Conditions Counter reaches maximum (#PCs + 2), all enemies are defeated, or counter is halfway to victory or farther at the end of the round limit
Meeting Table  -  Dias  -  Mingling Area

Meeting Table: No effect.
Dias: Persuasive Actions & Reactions gain +1 dice level to all entries against Aggressive or Comical Actions & Reactions.
Mingling Area: Charming Actions gain +1 to any one dice level.

Opponent Rank Type WP Init
Local Elder Mini-boss Debater 26 1d8
Petty Official Regular Leader 15 1d10
Placater Regular Antagonist 15 1d6

Two Players

  • Petty Official
  • Placater

Three Players

  • Local Elder
  • Petty Official

Four Players

  • Local Elder
  • Petty Official
  • Placater

Five Players

  • Local Elder
  • Petty Official
  • Placater x2

Six Players

  • Local Elder
  • Petty Official x2
  • Placater x2

Starting Positions

  • Each PC may choose to begin in the Meeting Table or Mingling Area.
  • The Local Elder begins in the Dias.
  • The Petty Official begins in the Meeting Table (any second in Mingling Area).
  • The Placater begins in the Mingling Area (any second in Meeting Table).


The Petty Official focuses on buffs and recovery and redirecting low-Argue Actions toward itself. It may have to move into the Dias to do this, which shouldn't be difficult with its high Charisma.

Placaters are the only reliable source of damage in this Debate Axis focused scenario. As such, they will try to go after the same target every turn in order for that damage to have any real threat.

The Opponents enjoy advantages in their starting positions (either from the position effects or from adjacency with other Opponents) and will only move out of there if they need to in order to play an Action against a PC (such as if no PCs are otherwise present).


The PCs win over the village leaders. Winning by damage in this case simply means the PCs were forceful in their arguments, though feel free to offer new story branches for your adventure if appropriate. If convincing the villagers helps them rather than helping the PCs, award the PCs with Karma.


The villagers remain stubborn and won't listen to the PCs. This could lead to an unfortunate outcome for the village or leave the PCs without needed help in other activities.


Raise the difficulty by starting the counter at -1 or eliminating the third victory condition (though you might want to increase the round limit to 5 if you choose the latter option). To involve some commoners in the discussions, swap a Petty Official out for a pair of Simpletons or Spirited Youths (or one of each).

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