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Analects Book 4 Part 1: Adversaries

Chapter 4: Level 4

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The following tables provide a collection of Adversaries at level 4. For more information on their use in the game, see DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios.

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Level 4 Adversaries Table

Adversary Rank Type HP Init
Hollow Mook Artillery 14 1d6
Ice Bat Mook Blaster 11 1d10
Cactus Cat Mook Brawler 11 1d10
Homunculus Mook Defender 12 1d6
Tomb Cyst Mook Support 1 -
Ember Wisp Regular Artillery 21 1d10
Qiqirin Rider Regular Blaster 22 1d10
Formicaleun Regular Brawler 22 1d6
Bunyip Regular Defender 25 1d8
Catoblepas Regular Support 21 1d6
Addanc Mini-boss Artillery 40 1d10
Clay Shabti Mini-boss Blaster 41 1d6
Miraj Mini-boss Brawler 44 1d12
Amphiptere Mini-boss Defender 46 1d10
Caladrius Mini-boss Support 40 1d10
Bounty Hunter Boss Artillery 84 1d20
Cultist Prophet Boss Blaster 82 1d12
Horned Jeopard Boss Brawler 86 1d12
Earth Elemental Boss Defender 88 1d10
Death Mage Boss Support 80 1d8

Level 4 Adversary Entries


Addanc Level 4 Adversary Mini-boss Artillery HP: 40
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d4 Aquatic, Darkvision Poison Resistance 2, Lightning Weakness 2
This lake-dwelling creature fires venomous spines at its prey. It can momentarily render itself invisible, allowing it to ambush even in clear waters.
(Action) Poison Dart
Range 3
Hit 1d12
Damage 2d6 Poison
(Action) Gnaw
Hit 2d4
Damage 1d10
(Reaction) Scales
Miss 1d8
Defense 1d4
(Strategy) Limited Invisibility
The Addanc becomes Invisible until the end of its turn.


Amphiptere Level 4 Adversary Mini-boss Defender HP: 46
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d12
This large feathered serpent sports a pair of beautiful wings. It descends upon prey and coils about them much like many other large snakes.
(Action) Coil
Hit 2d6
Special The target is Grabbed and suffers -2 Resilience.
(Action) Constrict
This Action can only be played against targets the Amphiptere has Grabbed.
Damage 2d10
(Reaction) Feathered Scales
Miss 1d8
Defense 1d6
(Strategy) Flight
Fly 1.

Bounty Hunter

Deckless Variant: The Bounty Hunter is equipped with various trinkets that grant Darkvision and Resistance 1 to all typed damage.

Bounty Hunter Level 4 Adversary Boss Artillery HP: 84
Initiative: 1d20 Acrobatics: 1d12
Some bounty hunters are good people seeking justice through dangerous means, but most are bullies and killers thriving on legitimate outlets. Most are cautious by nature, largely because those who aren't die quickly.
Notes The Bounty Hunter equips a Lever Crossbow, an Accurate Tabar, and a Beast Buff Coat.
(Action) Venom Bolt [Gear]
Range 4
Hit 1d12
Damage 1d6 (Piercing 2)
Special The target suffers an additional 1d6 Poison damage at the end of their next turn (this does not stack). This increases to 1d8 Poison damage if the Bounty Hunter has 42HP or fewer remaining.
(Action) Downward Slice [Gear]
Hit 1d6 + 1d8
Damage 1d8 (Piercing 2) + 1d4
(Reaction) Escape
This Reaction loses its Defense entry against ranged attacks.
Miss 1d4 + 1d4
Defense 1d4
Special The Bounty Hunter may Move 1 (limit once per round).
(Strategy) Hunter Alacrity
Until the end of the Bounty Hunter's turn, Actions played against targets that have not yet acted this round gain Special: The Bounty Hunter gains +1 Power.


Bunyip Level 4 Adversary Regular Defender HP: 25
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d8 Aquatic
This fearsome crocodile-sized freshwater mammal lurks in murky waters, grasping and crushing prey with its powerful jaws.
(Action) Grip
Hit 2d6
Special The target is Grabbed.
(Action) Crush
This Action can only be played against targets the Bunyip has Grabbed. The target cannot play Reactions against this Action.
Damage 4d4
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d10

Cactus Cat

Cactus Cat Level 4 Adversary Mook Brawler HP: 11
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d12 Low-light Vision Poison Resistance 1
This large desert cat gets its name from the spines that cover its body and the branching of its armored, spiked tail. Territorial and clever, it's a fierce predator.
(Action) Spiked Tail
Hit 1d12
Damage 2d8
(Reaction) Spines
This Reaction can only be played against melee attacks. This Reaction loses its Damage entry against reach attacks.
Miss 2d4
Damage 1d6
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d8


Caladrius Level 4 Adversary Mini-boss Support HP: 40
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d12 Darkvision, Immune: Controlled Unholy Weakness 1
This magical white bird is able to absorb the pain and sickness of other creatures, then heal itself afterward. It is often sent by a god or one of their servants.
(Action) Empathic Gaze [Non-hostile]
The Caladrius cannot target itself or another Caladrius.
Range 2
Special The target recovers 15 lost HP and restores all Stat Tracks. The Caladrius suffers 10 damage and begins an Incantation.
(Action) Recovery [Non-hostile]
Incant 1
Special The Caladrius recovers 20 lost HP and restores all Stat Tracks.
(Action) Warding Glow
Hit 1d12
Damage 2d6 Holy
Special The Caladrius's Reactions gain Defense: 1d6 until the start of its next turn. The target suffers -2 Power.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d10
(Strategy) Flight
Fly 1.


Catoblepas Level 4 Adversary Regular Artillery HP: 21
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4 Poison Resistance 2
Originally some form of corporeal undead that maintained their mind and hold on sanity, the hollow has since fallen to madness and despair. Only violence brings it any sense of purpose now.
(Action) Evil Eye
This Action cannot be played if the Catoblepas has -2 Power or less.
Reach 4
Hit 2d6
Damage 1d6 Unholy
Special The target suffers -2 Resilience and gains Poison Weakness 1 until the end of the scenario.
(Action) Poison Breath
This Action does not target the Catoblepas. The target's Reaction loses any Defense entry.
Area Attack
Damage 3d4 Poison
(Reaction) Scaled Glare
Miss 1d8
Defense 1d4
Damage 1d4 Unholy

Clay Shabti

Clay Shabti Level 4 Adversary Mini-boss Blaster HP: 41
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4 Darkvision Poison Resistance 5, Holy Weakness 1, Unholy Weakness 1
Animated statues often charged with the defense of tombs, shabtis can be made out of various material depending on the wealth of the buried. This common one is made of clay.
(Action) Energy Rays
This Action targets up to 3 enemies. The same enemy cannot be selected as a target multiple times.
Range 4
Incant 1
Hit 1d20
Damage 1d12 (Piercing 3)
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Action) Slam
Hit 1d12
Damage 1d10
Special The Clay Shabti may begin an Incantation.
(Reaction) Clay Body
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d4 + 1d4
(Interrupt) Random Fire [Automatic]
Trigger The Clay Shabti's Incantation is canceled as a result of receiving damage.
Effect Immediately play the Energy Rays Action against a single random entity (other than the Clay Shabti) within range.

Cultist Prophet

Deckless Variant: As a Strategy, when not Confused, the Cultist Prophet can affect a section it can see with Dreadmist until the end of its next turn. Sections with Dreadmist are treated as shadowy by enemies. At 41 HP & fewer, when not Muddled, the Cultist Prophet can choose any section with Dreadmist as the origin for Devil Serpent (rather than a section within range 1).

Cultist Prophet Level 4 Adversary Boss Blaster HP: 82
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatics: 1d6
The prophet functions as the leader for the cult in matters both spiritual and practical. Most prophets are charismatic and cunning.
Notes At 41 HP & fewer, all Actions the Cultist Prophet plays from hand gain the Returning property.
(Action) Devil Serpent
Choose a section adjacent to the target section and target it as well. Then, choose a third section adjacent to the second section and target it as well. Do not target the same section twice. The additional sections do not need to be within range or sight.
Area Attack
Range 1
Incantation 1
Damage 2d6 (Piercing 3) Unholy
(Reaction) Eyes of Command
This Reaction can only be played against melee attacks.
Miss 2d4
Special The target suffers -2 Mind.
(Reaction) Premonition
Miss 1d10
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.

Death Mage

Deckless Variant: Instead of a Sacrificial Dagger, the Death Mage equips an Athame.

Death Mage Level 4 Adversary Boss Support HP: 80
Initiative: 1d8 Acrobatics: 1d6
While necromancy is tolerated to varying degrees, death magic is outright banned in the majority of the world's societies. It is distinguished by its use of the living to power its art. Ritualistic sacrifice is a primary component.
Notes The Death Mage equips a Sacrificial Dagger and a Tarnished Chime (and possesses one extra Tarnished Chime).
(Action) Summon Ghost [Non-hostile]
Range 3
Incant 2
Special Put a Resentful Spirit into play in a section within range; it acts next in the Initiative order.
(Action) Raise Zombie [Non-hostile]
Incant 2
Special Put a Zombie into play in the occupied section; it acts next in the Initiative order.
(Action) Cursed Chant [Gear]
Range 2
Damage 1d4 (Piercing 2) Unholy
Special The Death Mage may begin an Incantation.
(Reaction) Blood Casting
The Death Mage does not lose its Incantation.
Damage 1d2 Unholy

Earth Elemental

Deckless Variant: Once per round, as a non-hostile Action, the Earth Elemental may teleport to a section containing a Rumbling Earth token. The Earth Elemental gains the following additional Action:

(Action) Earth Punch
This Action must target a section containing a Rumbling Earth token.
Area Attack
Hit 2d6
Damage 1d10 + 1d4
Special Force the target to Move 1. Earthen Hands cannot be played against the target until the start of the next round, even from Grasping Earth.
Earth Elemental Level 4 Adversary Boss Defender HP: 88
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d4 Darkvision, Immobile Poison Resistance 5, Acid Weakness 1
While beings formed of the other elements come in a variety of types, earth elementals vary only in size and age. Though sentient, they are not especially bright and can usually be eluded or tricked into fighting in open areas.
(Action) Earthen Hands
Hit 1d12
Damage 1d12
Special The target is Grabbed.
(Action) Rumbling Earth [Non-hostile]
Put a Rumbling Earth token in a section the Earth Elemental can see that is not adjacent to a section already containing a Rumbling Earth token. If the Earth Elemental has 44HP or fewer remaining, add a second token (with the same restrictions).
(Reaction) Stone Form
If the Earth Elemental hasn't taken Acid damage this scenario, reduce any Piercing on the target's Action by 1.
Miss 1d6
Defense 1d6
(Strategy) Meld
Phase 1 (Height 2). This Strategy can only be played once per round.
(Interrupt) Grasping Earth [Automatic]
Trigger The round ends.
Effect Play the Earthen Hands Action against all enemies occupying a section with a Rumbling Earth token. Then, remove all Rumbling Earth tokens.

Ember Wisp

Ember Wisp Level 4 Adversary Regular Artillery HP: 21
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatic Darkvision, Luminous Fire Resistance 2, Ice Weakness 1
This lesser elemental is composed primarily of fire and partially of wind. Almost ethereal in form, it takes on the appearance of a small cloud or animated rope of smouldering ashes.
(Action) Searing Ash
Reach 3
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d10 Fire
Special The target suffers -1 Power and will suffer 1d4 Fire damage at the start of their next turn (not cumulative with any other Searing Ash).
(Reaction) Smoke Cloud
The target's Action cannot reduce the Ember Wisp's Power or Resilience.
Miss 2d4
(Strategy) Hover
Fly 1. The Ember Wisp gains +1 Mind.


Formicaleun Level 4 Adversary Regular Brawler HP: 22
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d6
This lion-sized beast has the sharp pincers and burrowing feet reminiscent of ants. Dreadfully dim, it is driven entirely by its voracious appetite.
(Action) Pincer Fangs
Hit 1d12
Damage 2d8
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d10
(Strategy) Burrow
Phase 1. The Formincaleun gains +1 Resilience but suffers -1 Power and -1 Skill.


Hollow Level 4 Adversary Mook Artillery HP: 14
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4 Darkvision Poison Resistance 5, Unholy Resistance 1, Holy Weakness 1
Originally some form of corporeal undead that maintained their mind and hold on sanity, the hollow has since fallen to madness and despair. Only violence brings it any sense of purpose now.
Notes The Hollow possesses 3 Cursed Falaricas, a Cursed Adarga, and a Padded Jack.
(Action) Cursed Falarica [Gear]
Thrown 2
Hit 1d6 + 1d4
Damage 1d4 (Piercing 1) + 1d4 Fire + 1d4 Unholy
Special If the Cursed Falarica was thrown, the target suffers -2 Mind.
(Action) Heavy Bash [Gear]
Hit 1d10 + 1d4
Damage 1d6 + 1d4 Unholy
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d10


Homunculus Level 4 Adversary Mook Defender HP: 12
Initiative: 1d6 Acrobatics: 1d4 Low-light Vision Poison Resistance 2, Acid Resistance 1, Fire Resistance 1, Ice Resistance 1
This diminuitive lesser golem dutifully serves its creator with minor tasks. Physically weak, it discharges the magical energies that power it in order to protect its master.
(Action) Discharge
This Action does not target the Homunculus.
Area Attack
Damage 1d10 (Piercing 3) Lightning
Special The target suffers -1 Power and cannot Move on their next turn.
(Reaction) False Body
Miss 1d8
Defense 1d6

Horned Jeopard

Deckless Variant: Great Leap may be played twice per round, but it cannot be played whenever the Horned Jeopard is Confused. At 43 HP and fewer, Gore gains +1d4 to Hit and Damage, but this bonus is lost for the remainder of the round when the Horned Jeopard plays Great Leap, or while Muddled.

Horned Jeopard Level 4 Adversary Boss Brawler HP: 86
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatics: 1d10
Jeopards are strange beasts, being somewhere between a donkey and a large cat while not seeming to be actually related to either animal. This variety is distinguished by its horn, a fearsome thing it uses to gore foes, often as part of a leaping attack.
(Action) Gore
Hit 2d6
Damage 2d6 (Piercing 2)
(Reaction) Kick
This Reaction can only be played against targets in the occupied section.
Miss 1d10
Damage 1d6
Special The Horned Jeopard may force the target to Move 1.
(Reaction) Leather Hide
Miss 1d8
Defense 1d4
(Strategy) Great Leap
Fly 1. The Horned Jeopard gains +1 Skill. This Strategy can only be played once per round, or twice per round if the Horned Jeopard has 43HP or fewer remaining.

Ice Bat

Ice Bat Level 4 Adversary Mook Blaster HP: 11
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d6 Darkvision Ice Resistance 2, Fire Weakness 1
For centuries ice bats were mistaken as elementals, but they are now known to be living magical creatures instead. They are found in relatively cool environments, though they tend to avoid the coldest, where many denizens resist their primary form of defense.
(Action) Icy Breath
Area Attack
Range 1
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d4 (Piercing 1) + 1d6 Ice
(Action) Ice Barrage
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d6 + 1d4 Ice
(Reaction) Winter Aura
This Reaction loses its Damage entry against ranged and reach attacks.
Miss 2d4
Damage 1d4 Ice
(Strategy) Flight
Fly 1. The Ice Bat gains +1 Resilience and +1 Skill.


Miraj Level 4 Adversary Mini-boss Brawler HP: 44
Initiative: 1d12 Acrobatics: 1d10 Holy Weakness 1
At first glance this creature looks like a simple rabbit with a cute spiral horn. A closer look reveals a horrific visage that seems utterly unnatural, even demonic.
(Action) Spiral Horn
Hit 1d12
Damage 2d4 (Piercing 1) + 2d4 Unholy
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 1d12
(Strategy) Fearsome Presence
Discard a card: Each enemy within range 1 that lacks Fear Resistance must choose to suffer -1 Power, -1 Resilience, or -1 Mind.

Qiqirin Rider

Qiqirin Rider Level 4 Adversary Regular Blaster HP: 22
Initiative: 1d10 Acrobatics: 1d6 (1d10)
The Nibelung make the most common riders of snow hound mounts, but some other creatures, such as various fae folk, also manage the feat.
(Mount) Snow Hound
The Qiqirin Rider gains Low-light Vision, Ice Resistance 1, and Fire Weakness 1, and its Acrobatics dice level increases by 2.
(Action) Winter Breath [Mount]
This Action does not target the Qiqirin Rider.
Area Attack
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d12 (Piercing 3) Ice
Special The target suffers -1 Skill.
(Action) Poisoned Javelin [Gear]
Thrown 2
Hit 1d10
Damage 1d6 + 1d8 Poison
(Reaction) Dodge
Miss 2d4

Tomb Cyst

Tomb Cyst Level 4 Adversary Mook Support HP: 1
Acrobatic Immobile
Frequently found in underground ruins and deep caverns, this bulbous mass drifts about randomly through the air. The slightest disturbance can cause it to rupture, spewing acidic substances everywhere. Too delicate to intentionally wield, tomb cysts always arise from environments on their own rather than being created by a mage or alchemist. The exact process is not well understood.
(Interrupt) Drift [Automatic]
Trigger The round ends.
Effect The Tomb Cyst Flies into a random adjacent section.
(Interrupt) Explode [Automatic]
Trigger The Tomb Cyst is targeted by a Strategy, Action, or Interrupt (apart from its own).
Effect Play the Acidic Burst Action against all entities within range 1. Then, remove the Tomb Cyst from play.
(Action) Acidic Burst
This Action can only be played as a result of the Explode Interrupt. This Action gains +1d6 Damage against targets in the occupied section.
Hit 2d6
Damage 1d12 (Piercing 3) Acid
Special The target suffers -2 Resilience.
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