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Analects Book 4 Part 2: Challenges

Appendix A: Challenges Index

The following table provides a full list of challenges. For more information on their use in the game, see DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios.

Challenges Table

Challenge Rank Type Level
Acrid Smoke Regular Environ 1
Ant Swarm Mook Creature 1
Beast of Baying Mook Creature 4
Bell Tripwires Regular Trap 2
Bitter Cold Mook Environ 4
Blizzard Regular Environ 2
Bloodbriars Mook Obstacle 4
Blue Mold Mook Environ 2
Bored Guard Mook Seeker 1
Burning Pitch Regular Trap 3
Calescent Wind Mook Environ 5
Carnivorous Fish Mook Creature 3
Cave Bats Mook Creature 2
Chilled Winds Mook Environ 1
Cracked Ice Regular Trap 2
Creaky Window Mook Obstacle 1
Crumbling Infrastructure Regular Environ 1
Damaged Staircase Mook Obstacle 2
Daunting Corridor Regular Obstacle 2
Deep Pit Regular Trap 3
Demon Smoke Regular Environ 5
Devil Clams Regular Creature 5
Difficult Road Mook Obstacle 2
Excessive Clutter Mook Trap 1
Experienced Lookout Mook Seeker 5
Falling Rocks Regular Environ 5
False Darkness Regular Trap 5
Fierce Winds Mook Environ 2
Floor Springs Mook Trap 4
Foul Vapor Mook Environ 2
Fright Beetles Mook Creature 1
Frozen Exit Mook Obstacle 5
Frozen Wall Regular Obstacle 5
Gas Trap Regular Trap 4
Glyphs of Sleep Mook Trap 5
Guard Dog Regular Seeker 2
Haunted Passage Regular Obstacle 3
Heavy Stone Door Regular Obstacle 5
Hot Pipes Regular Obstacle 4
Irritant Fog Mook Environ 5
Jagged Stone Mook Trap 2
Jump Scare Mook Trap 4
Knot of Serpents Regular Creature 4
Labyrinth Regular Obstacle 5
Leap of Faith Mook Obstacle 3
Local Watch Mook Seeker 4
Long Path Mook Obstacle 1
Macabre Display Mook Environ 4
Magic Mouth Mook Environ 3
Mirages Regular Trap 5
Misty Path Mook Obstacle 5
Moving Walkway Mook Obstacle 5
Mud Hands Mook Creature 2
Murder-holes Regular Trap 1
Murky Pool Mook Obstacle 3
Narrow Platform Regular Obstacle 1
Noisy Walkway Regular Trap 1
Noxious Fungi Mook Environ 1
Open Flames Mook Environ 2
Overgrown Paths Regular Obstacle 2
Patrolling Sentry Regular Seeker 4
Pendulum Blade Mook Trap 5
Plague Rats Regular Creature 3
Poisoned Surface Mook Trap 3
Poisonous Swamp Regular Environ 4
Poltergeist Regular Creature 5
Puzzle Wall Regular Obstacle 3
Quicksand Regular Obstacle 3
Rainbow Moths Regular Creature 2
Razorwing Flock Mook Creature 5
Reinforced Locked Door Regular Obstacle 3
Rigged Nets Mook Trap 3
Rocky Wall Regular Obstacle 3
Rough Trail Mook Obstacle 1
Roving Pickpocket Mook Creature 1
Saboteur Regular Creature 2
Sandstorm Regular Environ 3
Scorching Sun Regular Environ 2
Security Door Regular Obstacle 4
Sentry Imps Regular Seeker 5
Shallow Pits Regular Trap 1
Simple Locked Door Mook Obstacle 1
Slicing Blade Mook Trap 1
Slick Surface Mook Obstacle 2
Slimy Wall Regular Obstacle 4
Small Gelatinous Skulk Regular Creature 1
Spider Webs Mook Trap 1
Standard Locked Door Regular Obstacle 1
Steam Vents Mook Environ 3
Steep Incline Mook Obstacle 1
Sweltering Humidity Mook Environ 1
Tar Pit Regular Obstacle 4
Thick Sludge Mook Obstacle 4
Thunderstorm Regular Environ 1
Tight Crawlspace Mook Obstacle 1
Torch Bearer Mook Seeker 3
Trained Guard Regular Seeker 1
Unseelie Sylph Mook Creature 5
Unsettling Ambiance Regular Environ 3
Vermin Swarm Regular Creature 1
Wall Darts Regular Trap 1
Wall of Foliage Mook Obstacle 2
Wandering Spirits Regular Creature 3
Wasteland Regular Obstacle 5
Water-filling Room Regular Trap 4
Whispers of Madness Regular Trap 2
Winding Tunnels Regular Obstacle 1
Wooden Blockade Regular Obstacle 2
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