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A Creature is a type of Challenge in exploration scenarios. Creatures are able to Move on their turns, though scenario design may restrict where they will go. When not Hidden, they can be seen from adjacent unblocked regions.

Creatures often include a respawn timer. Beginning the round after such a Creature is defeated, increment a counter at the end of each round. When the counter is equal to the respawn value, a new Creature appears in the same origin region at full EP.

Creatures start with a -1 in each Stat Track.

A Creature that both respawns and pursues the PCs through the scenario is worth 1 PC of equal level. Otherwise, the Creature is worth half a PC of equal level.

See also: Environ, Obstacle, Seeker, Trap, Player's Guide Chapter 5: Exploration, DM's Guide Chapter 3: Running Scenarios

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