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Exploration is one of three flavors of scenario, alongside combat and interaction. Exploration scenarios deal with traversing the world, delving dungeons, bypassing traps and other hazards, sneaking about undetected, fleeing from pursuit or collapsing caves, and similar situations.

Victory conditions in exploration depend on the type of exploration scenario. In normal scenarios, the goal is typically to get from some point A to another point B, often without knowing exactly where this point B is. Stealth scenarios may add additional bits, such as retrieving treasure or other items, and escaping unnoticed. Chase scenarios add Round Limits to signify whether the PCs are able to get away or catch their quarry.

Exploration scenarios do not use initiative. Instead, Environs act first, followed by players in whatever order they choose, and finally Creatures and Seekers in whatever order the DM chooses at the end of the round.

Unlike other scenarios, defeated PCs are not out of play. A PC whose EP is at 0 or less at the start of their turn suffers an Injury, then recovers to their new maximum EP and takes their full turn. In this manner, many exploration scenarios are ultimately about getting through an area unscathed. Stealth scenarios feature an additional resource called Stealth Tokens.

While death from Injury is possible, the most dangerous exploration scenarios involve chase scenes where failure to escape in time results in death. This is most common in situations such as fleeing a collapsing building. In such life-or-death scenarios, PCs may spend Karma to add some extra time to the limit.

Exploration scenarios utilize a map divided into regions. Obstacles frequently block progress between regions until defeated. Most maps are not revealed at the beginning of the scenario, but PCs traveling through familiar territory may have the regions drawn at the start, possibly even with expected Obstacles placed.

Compared to combat, exploration scenarios are at a much higher level of abstraction and a lower level of detail. Rounds can range from a few minutes to an hour or even a day of time in the game world. In the most zoomed-in scenarios, a single region is typically the size of an entire map in combat. Zoomed-out maps could model a week's worth of travel across the world.

For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 5: Exploration.

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