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Stealth is a type of exploration scenario used to model efforts to sneak through an area.


Follow the Visibility rules for normal scenarios. Note that using light sources to illuminate dark regions usually results in immediate defeat if a Seeker can see the light (from within the region or an adjacent unblocked region, for example). Individual scenarios will specify any particular rules for this.

Special Rules

Stealth scenarios are primarily distinguised by the presence of Seekers and the use of Stealth Tokens; see those sections for further details.

Many stealth scenarios also have unique rules to limit activities that would automatically result in the PCs getting caught. For instance, defeating doors through EP (bashing them down) may be disallowed, with lockpicks or keys being the only option for bypassing such Obstacles. The DM should announce any special rules for a given scenario.

For more information, see Player's Guide Chapter 5: Exploration.

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