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Sneaking Through the Village

Level 1 Exploration Scenario

The PCs need to escape out of the back window of a house (or similar establishment) that's located within the village center. However, beyond the mob of commoners, there's something sinister working to keep the PCs from getting away…

This scenario is part of The Icon Curse quick adventure and has a number of narrative elements specific to that storyline. However, you can fairly easily modify these to adapt this scenario to a wide range of similar applications.


Setting Civilization
Type Stealth
Lighting Lit
A (start)
| \
C   D   G
  \ | /   \
    E – F – (goal)

PCs that engage in violence against any Villagers (including Bored and Trained Guards but not Pickpocket or Saboteur) as part of the escape lose 1 Karma at the end of the scenario (Actions against Villagers may be interpreted in other ways, but require something reasonable from the player).


(Region A) The Elder's House
The window is rusted shut; apparently it hasn't been opened in a very long time. Getting it open will be hard enough, but the real trick is doing so without alerting the mob of your escape.
Exit To Obstacle
Out B Creaky Window

(Region B) Village Center
Stacked barrels, old wells, and unattended carts provide plenty of hiding places to dart between as you sneak through the village. The main road out is to the southeast; however, that's also where the mob of villagers is likely to be looking around for you. To the south you see a dense thicket in the middle of the village; it'll be easy to avoid detection there, but it looks like it would be pretty rough going.
Exit To Obstacle
In A Creaky Window
South C -
Southeast D -
Bored Guard x #PCs Randomly Move to D; Action after Move

(Region C) Copse
You push your way through the small but dense thicket. It's swarming with bugs, which is likely a recent development since the villagers would have cut it all down otherwise. Suddenly, the thicket opens into a sharp descent downward, which you'll have to climb to continue on.
PCs may treat this region as wilderness at will.
Exit To Obstacle
North B -
Southeast E Steep Incline (Height 2 down)
Ant Swarm

(Region D) Village Road
The dirt and cobble road winds through a couple country shoppes and pleasant red-roofed houses. Alleys of grass and dirt provide plenty of hiding places, but you see fresh footprints in the mud.
Exit To Obstacle
Northwest B -
South D -
Roving Pickpocket Hidden: 1d4

(Region E) Outskirts
You hear low whispers in the back of your mind as you reach the edge of the village. You're positive that no voices are reaching your ears; it seems the statue is agitated, perhaps with your continued success at taking it away from its new home. To the east is the bridge crossing the river leading out of Whisperwind toward your destination; however, it's securely guarded. Sneaking across without first taking care of those guards in some manner wouldn't be possible. You could brave the river itself, but the cold, rushing mountain waters will be difficult to traverse.
Exit To Obstacle
Northwest C Steep Incline (Height 2 up)
North D -
East F -
Northeast G -
Whispers of Madness +1 Inflict level vs. PC with cursed statue
Fortune Hidden: 1d6

(Region F) The Bridge
The bridge is of wooden construction, but it's sturdy and well-made. It's wide enough for a single cart to cross, which means using it while any guards are present is not an option.
Exit To Obstacle
West E -
East Goal Must defeat all Guards
Trained Guard x #PCs / 2 round down Does not patrol

(Region G) The River
The icy river chills you instantly, and the quickly-moving waters make it difficult to cross to the other side. Still, it's the only feasible way to avoid the guards at the bridge.
This region requires swimming. PCs may treat this region as wilderness at will.
Exit To Obstacle
Southwest E -
Southeast Goal Murky Pool

Two - Three Players

  • Remove Whispers of Madness in E

Five Players

Six Players


The PCs successfully sneak through the area, making it out of the village without confrontation.


If the PCs lose their Stealth Tokens, they are discovered by the mob. This could lead to another scenario if the players try to talk or fight their way out. Or, speed things along by allowing the PCs to escape (or auto-win a melee) but suffer an Injury in the process.


This adventure includes some narrative constraints that may not be present in your adventure. For instance, if the PCs aren't being hounded by a cursed statue, region E makes little sense. Cut off the first half of the description and eliminate the hazards. At fewer than 3 PCs, you don't have to do anything else; with more players, you may need to include something else in its place. Consider some inclement weather, like a Thunderstorm, Sweltering Humidity, Chilled Winds, Blizzard, or a Scorching Sun as appropriate.

It's also assumed that the PCs must exit the village in one particular direction. In this case, it's because Whisperwind is a mountain village, and only one path leads toward the PCs' destination. If that doesn't work for you, add other paths away from the village center with a similar set of Challenges ready to thwart PCs that attempt that route. You could reuse the same Challenge set with some altered descriptions if you want to save yourself some work, or you could detail various routes and explain them to the PCs (at least to the degree of what their characters know) to let them choose which they prefer. Save whatever paths they don't take to reuse in future scenarios.

Your PCs might be running from something other than a village mob. City guards will likely be better prepared, so you can use Trained Guards in place of Bored Guards (but fewer of them). A criminal organization likely won't need many changes, but monstrous pursuers might include beasts best represented with a Guard Dog.

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