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Traversing the Ruins

Level 1 Exploration Scenario

This scenario is suitable for a standard dungeon crawl. The default flavor is a set of above-ground crumbled ruins, but you can use it for an underground dungeon with minimal tweaks.


Setting Dungeon
Type Normal
Lighting Lit
  ~ G – H (goal)
E   v \
|   D   F
B   ^   |
  – A – C


(Region A) Crumbling Crossroads
The passage you've been following continues to the northwest. An old wooden door rests closed on the east wall. Rubble on the north wall looks like it could be climbed without a lot of difficulty.
Exit To Obstacle
Northwest B -
East C Simple Locked Door
Up D Steep Incline (Height 1)
Crumbling Infrastructure

(Region B) Long Passage
This ancient hallway continues straight ahead for quite a ways. Side rooms and any furnishings or decor have long since crumbled away, leaving the place dusty and bare.
Exit To Obstacle
North E -
Southeast A -
Deep Pit Hidden: 1d4
Fortune Hidden: 1d6

(Region C) Fairy Fountain
A remarkable fountain that is somehow still in excellent repair awaits you in the center of this old chamber. The water looks pristine and inviting. There is almost certainly magic at work here - magic that has drawn nests of horrid insects to this place.
The first PC to spend a Strategy to drink from the Fairy Fountain gets their choice: Gain 1 Karma, heal 1 Injury, recover to max EP, or draw 3 cards. Delver, Pilgrim, and Witch PCs recognize the Fountain's effects upon entering.
Exit To Obstacle
North F -
West A Simple Locked Door
Fright Beetles Respawn: 1, Pursues
Fortune Hidden: 1d8

(Region D) Ruined Upper Floor
A few half-crumbled platforms are all that remain of this portion of the upper floor of these ruins. Dirt mounds reveal a rather significant infestation of ants.
Exit To Obstacle
Down G Steep Incline (Height 1)
Down A -
Ant Swarm Respawn: 1, Pursues
Fortune Hidden: 1d4

(Region E) Fungal Thicket
Large mushrooms have taken over this chamber, growing through deep cracks in the stone floor. A pungent scent hangs in the air.
PCs in this region can choose to treat the setting as wilderness at will.
Exit To Obstacle
Northeast G Hidden: 1d4
South B -
Noxious Fungi

(Region F) Dusty Hall
This old hall is covered in dust and small bits of rubble. There's no evidence that any creature has walked this ground in a very long time.
Exit To Obstacle
Northwest G -
South C -
Lever Hidden: 1d6, defeats the Murder-holes in G

(Region G) Overgrown Halls
The ruins are in even worse shape here, and nature is slowly reclaiming these tunnels. Roots and vines snake through the crumbling ceiling and walls.
PCs in this region can choose to treat the setting as wilderness at will.
Exit To Obstacle
Southwest E Hidden: 1d4
East H Tight Crawlspace
Southeast F -
Up D Steep Incline (Height 1)
Murder-holes (E-H) Hidden: 1d6 Disable: lever in F

(Region H) Antechamber
The structure suddenly becomes more intact; whatever is ahead, the builders took extra care with this section. Perhaps it's what you're looking for?
Exit To Obstacle
North Goal -
West G Tight Crawlspace
Small Gelatinous Skulk Hidden: 1d8

Two Players

  • As Three Players
  • Remove the Crumbling Infrastructure in A
  • Remove the Tight Crawlspace in G-E

Three Players

  • Swap the Deep Pit in B for Wall Darts
  • Fright Beetles in C do not respawn or pursue

Five Players

  • Swap the Crumbling Infrastructure in A for Foul Vapor from scattered animal carcasses
  • Add Blue Mold to G

Six Players

  • As Five Players
  • Upgrade the Fright Beetles in E to Rainbow Moths
  • Upgrade the Ant Swarm in D to a Vermin Swarm, changing descriptions appropriately (for instance to a nest of wasps)
  • Add a second Deep Pit to B; if both are present, only one can target a PC that enters the region


Pursuing Creatures can likely see the PCs in A (at least once the door is defeated). However, they shouldn't start pursuit until the PCs enter their starting regions (or if they are targeted with a ranged Action, such as from a Hunter).

For fully underground ruins, make everything dark, remove the special attributes of the Fungal Thicket and Overgrown Halls, and reword the descriptions. You can also make everything dark if it's nighttime or heavily inclement weather. This change slightly increases the difficulty, so consider making the exit visible rather than Hidden and include another Fortune there instead (at Hidden: 1d6).

PCs early in their career might lack climbing equipment, which could make the Deep Pits especially perilous (or worse, frustrating). You could use Shallow Pits instead, which have the additional advantage of scaling with player counts. If you have six players, though, don't hold back; throw the pair of Deep Pits at them. With that many players, there's less of an excuse for not having climbing equipment, and players have more counter-measures available even without that.

Alternatively, just remove the hidden exit at E-G. That way, players slowed down by the pits don't suffer additional slowdowns later. If you do this, consider adding a Fortune into E with Hidden: 1d6, but only if you aren't adding one to H.

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