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Triptycho Character Creation Guide

Follow the steps in this guide to build a PC, or Player Character, in Triptycho.

Step One: Background

Choose a Background for your character. You can find a list of them in the Analects.

Step Two: Roles

Choose three Roles for your character: one Class for combat, one Craft for exploration, and one Profession for interaction. Then, construct a deck of cards for each Role.

If this is your first character, consider using pre-built decks. Or, you may want to try playing with Deckless Roles to ease into the game, especially if you don't yet own any cards.

Step Three: Gear

Purchase Gear for your character. A level one character typically begins the game with 20 Wealth to spend (your DM may adjust this value). Consider spending your Wealth as follows:

  • Buy at least one Exploration Expertise, preferably two. Check your Craft for your training.
  • Buy at least one Interaction Expertise, preferably two. Check your Profession for your training.
  • Check your Class for your combat training options. Based on what's available to you, choose from Weapons, Armor, Shields, and Implements.
  • Browse the collection of available Tools. Coordinate this with the other players; each group will probably want to have access to some sources of illumination and climbing equipment.
  • Any remaining money may be spent on Clothing, Items, or even Accessories.

Other Details

Every character needs a name. For groups that enjoy roleplaying, you'll also want to think about your character's personality, goals and motivations, history / backstory, and physical description. It's good to coordinate this with the other players and the DM so that the party gels together well and suits the story and world.

You can fill in these details last, lining them up with the options you selected, or you may start here, choosing your Background, Roles, and Gear based on the character you envision. You might even do something in-between, starting with a general conceptual sketch of the character and filling it out with your choices. It's entirely up to you!

Starting Above Level 1

If you're making a character that starts at a level other than 1, you only need to make a few adjustments to the sequence above.

If you're starting at level 6 or higher, choose a Destiny instead of a Background.

Ask your DM if you start with Assets. If so, you may wish to purchase Holdings or other property.

Finally, your starting Wealth value will be some number other than 20. You can find the Wealth-By-Level table on the Wealth page. Ask your DM if there are any modifications to this value. If you're a new player starting at a higher level, ask the other players for help choosing your Gear. If the entire group is new, it's strongly recommended to start at level 1.

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